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INFPs have tertiary Si, this means they enjoy nostalgia, collect stuff that reminds them of past events and experiences, such as sand in a bottle from the beach, seashells, old keys, photo albums of friends and family, that something that you know who bought you when you were in blah blah blah :p. etc.. INFPs may be prone to certain routines which make them comfortable, enjoy comfort more then ISFPs.

I kind of don't really care about mementos like that as ISFP and am more into stimulation sensory or mental (Se-Ni), anything to stave off inertia :unsure:. For example some of the songs on the INFP forum are too slow for me, not enough stimulation. Neither mental nor sensory.

Under normal energy level conditions I can't stop thinking or experiencing or I'll get irritated and restless. Inertia means boredom, boredom means stress, stress is pain I want to avoid pain of not seeing something new. Pain that is new is interesting thou, but not if its unhealthy for me physically.

Example of how I avoid boredom: debating personality theory on PerC, reading wikipedia, watching national geographic, ted talk, discovery channel or reading about computer tech, browsing deviant-art or talking to friends about cats and other things like how string theory makes ghosts plausible :pPP, watching anime, 3 day non stop science fiction show marathon. (I don't do many outdoor activities...odd).

INFP secondary Ne also makes them enjoy abstract poetry and are likely to write some or some such similar things. They are more theory focused and don't really prefer being hands on and using what they learn. Less pragmatic then ISFP who tends to get bored if theory leads to nothing useful.

Most striking difference is that ISFP can be rather realistic in comparison to INFP idealism, this means we see and accept the world mostly for what it is and do our best to improve it as Fi demands. INFPs on the other hand are full of idealism and take disappointment harshly. (the whole rose colored glasses thing you keep reading about in descriptions).

Idk what else to say, the two types are very similar. You seem Fi-Te and that is the most useful thing you can get out of the MBTI: to learn to manage your stress reaction properly, to spot the inferior grip moments and to know you are Fi dom and need to be true to your values.

The rest falls in line anyway, since you seem to be doing what you love :).
Stay true to who you are, don't let type and descriptions sidetrack you.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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