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Do people believe you when your type is rare?

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I've been testing and typing my personality, and having others test it, on and off since I was 13. In the years of Tumblr Special Snowflakes—which tragically coincided with the years I went from hating to loving myself—I stunted my "permission" to myself to ever post on these websites, because I heard my MBTI type was considered rare.

I remember thinking "Well, I heard that INTJs are the ones who get grilled for lying or mistyping themselves" because of some false sense of Savantism or because it's somehow cooler to present externally as Possibly On the Autism Spectrum (even though their understanding of the spectrum is terribly flawed) than it is to just be neuro-typical in terms of social salience (level of affective/emotional empathic connection, heightened in psychotics, lowered in autists).

I was relieved when I typed (over and over again, across over a decade) as INFJ, but then read that male/masculine INFJs are just as rare as female/feminine INTJs, so I set my Sharing My Love of Self-Knowledge Permissions to BLOCKED.

I bit the bullet, shilled out almost $20 for the Enneagram test and the Instinctual Variant supplemental. And that was 12 hours ago and I still haven't slept because I then studied Socionics because I didn't know what to put for my Socionics thingy in my profile.

12 hours on Wikisocion and Wikipedia and just understanding Jungian functions/elements and my baseline intelligence for synthesizing information, and I found that my Socionics Information Elements match pretty dead-on with my MBTI, and my Enneagram—from studying a thread on here with lots of tables of information tabulating data on like 21,000 users of PerC, comparing prevalence of MBTI types with coinciding Enneagrams—and I found out that my tested Enneagram type (5w4 or 4w5 before test, 4w5 confirmed after test), when paired with my MBTI, is only "over-reported" by a fraction of a percent, while other pairs on that level of precision can be expected to be overrepresented on PerC by over 200%.

So, I bit another bullet and posted this self-masturbatory, shout-it-from-the-rooftops:

I'm a male, aged 24, INFJ with an integrated Shadow and in the process of balancing his Anima/Animus, who's actually happy despite being alone and being a Sexual variant (intimate connection) of a highly Heart-heavy Enneagram type (and a Self-Preservation variant of a rather idealistic tritype): 4w5-1w9-5w6 Sx/Sp, and a very social high-introvert.

I'm actually happy, actually integrated, actually know who I am despite how young I am, trust and affirm myself (meeting my own Heart-triad need for Affirmation completely by my internal INFJ world), and also am capable—with raw social intelligence and abstract imagination—to construct a vision of myself as having a place somewhere in this world despite how statistically rare I am in psyche, personality, intelligence, spiritual orientation and neuro-atypicality....

I've somehow managed to meet the needs of two of my tritype centers (Heart and Gut) in mostly isolation, with only shrewdly-chosen and calculated forays into the social world for information collection and testing of psychosocial boundaries.

I'm bragging because it's amazing how personality tests can reflect somethings that are really profound and meaningful in my life. I hated myself, it's a marvel of my my mind that I never committed suicide and am actually truly happy....

And apparently, my MBTI and my Enneagram make me very likely to want to know my types, and to talk about it with other people.

You can call me Kerik—the name I've chosen for my symbolic rebirth and the initiation of setting my Sharing Permissions to Always prompt before making changes, and with the confidence in myself to have some of those Permissions set to Allow.

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