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Hey all,
I hope everyone who celebrates the holidays had a good one!
I have a question. Ever since my dad passed away last summer, I've felt like I've been coming more and more into myself, who I am meant to be.And so, I question my MBTI type. I wouldn't and couldn't let myself cry before. Now I am able to do it when I need too. (tonight I cried over a piece of classical music and when a girl's boy friend died on a TV show!) It's still not the common thing for me, but it comes easier now. Maybe because dad detested emotional things,
I don't know. He was an ESTJ.) Anyhow,I'm trying to learn to be calmer. I'm pretty passionate about my values, and I would get all wound up and sometimes land myself in trouble because of my mouth. I'm actually seeing a counseler, which I swore I'd never do. I hate talking about my feelings, even though I'm actually emotional and can't always hide that fact. I know I'm a feeler for sure, and most likely an Introvert. I know I'm enneagram tritype 694. And being a geek, I know I'm in Hogwarts House Hufflepuff. ;) (Sorry, had to throw that in!) I'm a story teller and a day dreamer,
and yeah, more of a dreamer then a doer at times. I am also quite nostalgic. I'm also able to make people laugh easily.
Hmm, I don't know if that's enough information or not.If anyone has any thoughts, please do share. Thanks!

PS. I should also mention that two of my besties are ISFJs. And I admire so much about them! But I'd be surprised if that's my type. They're much more serious and rule following then I am. And they get annoyed with my"What if..." and "What do you think will happen when the world ends.." kind of questions and thoughts. They are very "It is what it is" people. I'm more "Yeah but what if it was this way?" I drive them nuts sometimes1
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