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this is just so long but I think I need more explanation for better typing so..

oh btw in test I mostly get ENFp,INFj,INFp.
I even get ENTj and I was shocked lol


1-General to specific, specific to general – what does it mean?

Isn't it just the textbook defination? I dont know what to say but
general to specific- animal=>dog=>husky
specific to general- husky => dog => animal

2-What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view?

Things that makes sense, in both ethical and systematic ways.
no I dont think it correlates with the common view, some common views can be just stupid and unethical

3-How do you explain fractions on the dial of the clock?

I-what,Uh I'd rather not..? also my english isnt enough for that lol

4-What is a rule? What rules do you have to follow?

rules are things to be followed, it doesn't necesarrily mean they have to make sense.
Like the rule that you have to wear uniforms in school, it limits people and their way of expressing themselves through their clothes..
But I also see why it could be neccessary so all people would wear the same thing so poor people wouldnt feel worse about their situation compared to other kids. But I think the best solution would be just never judging people based on what they wear-wait but then poor kids could get jealous?? (idk if what i say can help with typing or is it just me talking nonsense but yeah I'm not deleting this just in case)

Rules should be both ethical and reasonable, I think there is a thin line between reasonable and ethical...
I think rules should just be about doing what you want without hurting people or really making them uncomfortable.

5-What is hierarchy? Do you need to follow it? Why or why not?

hierarchy is ranking people. We dont necessarily need to follow it but we can because it might make sense..its an upsetting thing because it shows how some people are just luckier and in a better life situation and others are not, but I think it also makes sense and its just inevitable.

6-What do you think of instructions? Do you use them? Could you write an instruction manual? If so, what type of instruction manual would you most likely write?

they are helpful so you wouldnt make mistakes.
I'd rather use them than to figure out the things on my own because it could be hard.
I dont think I can write them though

7-Please explain: "Freedom is in complying with the laws, but not in ignoring the laws"? Do you agree with the statement? Why?

I think I do not agree. I care about freedom as long as you don't limit someone elses. In this case, even freedom is some laws makes sense, but not all of them. We just must really think about rules before making a decision to obey or ignore.

8-Tell us how about consistent you are?

I'm not really consistent. Like, for an example I wouldn't pursue something if I am no longer interested in them or I just feel lazy

9-What is a "standard"? Why do people need it?

standard is something being widely accepted. I don't think we actually need it? Because well everyone is different and just not everything/everyone can be standard or ''normal''
It might be needed for people to mutually understand each other though..

10-You need to put your home library in order. How do you feel about this activity? How will you approach this task?

It really depends on my mood, I either would be lazy or think its necessary because of messiness.
I guess it can be kinda fun, I dont know why though, maybe its because it makes me think of the each book again while organizing , I can sort books by genre so it would be easier to find the book I want to read.


1-What is work in your opinion? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters where you can distinguish whether you can do this work or not?

Work is something you have to do to gain money to survive. So people go to work to gain money or they both genuinely enjoy it and also gain money from it.
You need psychical talents or artistic talents to do any specific job. You also must enjoy it to be more productive and happy but its definitely not necessary since many people work on jobs they dont want.

2-Is there any correlation between quality and quantity? Tell us if or how the price depends on quality?

I think they are different. price depends on quality because the more useful a object is, the more people would want them, and be more willing to pay more, they wouldnt do that for useless/without quality things

3-How do people determine the quality of work? How do you determine such quality? How well you can determine the quality of any purchase, do you pay any attention to it?

By how useful it is and sometimes how interesting it is,if it both useful and interesting thats awesome.
I actually think more about how interesting it is than how useful it is but no,I dont think i pay so much attention to it.

4-How do you feel if you didn't finish some work? Does it ever happen? What are the reasons?

If it isnt enough for me,and when its not enough for others either. It happens to me a lot, starting is ok but finishing it can be hard because I'd lose motivation and interest.

5-What is "interesting work" for you? Please explain in detail.

Artistic stuff, being a singer/songwriter,author,dancer would be interesting because its fun and can be very creative. It just makes people express themselves. Also being a psychologist could be interesting too but more about researching stuff, I'd like to make my own personality things like socionics lol

6-You go to the store and see something you're interested in buying; there is a price tag on it. What parameters are you going to use to understand if it's overpriced, underpriced, or priced correctly?

Again, if its useful and interesting.

7-When you work and someone tells you: "You don't do it right." What is your reaction?

If its about me doing something I am passionate about, it could be discouraging. I would ask what I did wrong and try to fix the problem.

8-There is a professional right next to you. You always see that you can't perform the way they do. Your feelings, thoughts and actions?

If I really like that person and want to act like them, I would be discouraged,negative and self-blaming,thinking I'm not good enough. I would gave up maybe, but maybe not and after ''giving up for a while'' I would try again because I admire their performations and I wanna be like them (it doesnt have to be completely being like them, I'd rather do it with my own standarts)

9-When you have to ask someone else to help you with the task, how do you feel?

depends but most of the time I dont mind doing it at all. I might feel shame though

10-You need to build a pyramid exactly like in Egypt. Your thoughts, feelings and actions?

Why exactly the same? Why can't I do something different? Similar but different? With some different interesting qualities?
I would suggest that to my boss or whatever.


1-What is beauty? Do you change your opinion about beauty? Does your understanding correlate with the generally accepted notion? What goes beyond the generally accepted notion?

Beauty is a thing that depends on each person. It evokes feelings in others.
I dont think I change my opinion about it often
I guess not because people think of it as something appealing to eyes while I think beauty can be about something abstract,not necesserily a person or painting but a song.

2-Please describe your understanding of a beautifully dressed person. What is the core of beauty? How do you explain what is beautiful to a person who has never heard about beauty before?

No one is universally beautifully dressed because it does depend on person. People would think a woman wearing a dress is beautiful but I'd be more of a shirt,jacket and pants person.
There is no core of beauty
If we are talking about physical beauty..''a beautiful person is a person that has an very appealing face to you''

3-Is there a template of understanding what beautiful means for everyone to use? Is there such a term as "classical beauty"? If so, what is it?

There's no template, no classical beauty, not in my opinion

4-What is comfort? What is coziness? How do you create your comfort and coziness? How do others evaluate your skill in doing so? Do you agree with them?

Comfort is being phsically and sometimes mentally...comfortable. Its more of a mental thing for me, comfort zones and all that shiz.
Do people really evaluate this kind of stuff?

5-How do you pick your own clothes? Do you follow fashion? Why? Do you know how to select clothes for different types of figures?

Its about if it looks aesthetically pleasing for me or not,plus comfortable
No, I dont follow fashion because I'd rather do me lol
I dont...really know

6-How do you cook? Do you follow recipes? What do others think of your skill?

I don't really,not yet...and if I was I would follow recipes, otherwise the taste of the food could be a mess

7-Are you good at color patterns and mixing them and matching

um no? I even confuse colors sometimes,like is it blue or purple lol

8-If someone is telling you what is beautiful and what is not, what goes with what color and what is not, do you agree with this person?


9-Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself or trust someone else to do it? Why?

Mostly I'd do it myself with my own desires but after that, I'd asked others as well so the design wouldnt look stupid

10-How do you know if a person has bad taste? Could you give us an example? Do you always trust your own taste or do you seek opinions from others?

If its a bad taste for me, its a bad taste for me. mom dresses weird sometimes lmao


1-Can you line up human resources and make them do things? What methods do you use? Can you press people? If so, how does it happen?

No but I'd like to have the talent to make people do things for my own good, maybe even manipulating them to some degree. But I dont have any natural talent.

What is incursion? How do you deal with this? Can you repulse? How easy can you do it?

I dont like it. It would make me angry. I think I can repulse, I can act more like a rebel

-What does "my people" and "strangers" mean? When do "my people" become "strangers" and why?

My people are people I am really close to,these are the people who saw me in my worst and still loved me,they showed how much they cared for me. We would also have common interests.
Strangers are people that I don't know.
People I know cant be strangers. they just wouldnt be ''mine''

-Are there strategies of attack? Can you use them? When is it justified?

I'm sure there's startegies but i dont know them or how to apply them. They are justified when its fair.

-Do you think it's ok to occupy someone else's territory? In what situations?

In very rare situations like for defending them from a bad thing.

-What are the methods of volitional force? When is it most effective and in what situations?

I dont know any methods but it sounds extremely important and effective for achieving something you care about.

-How do you protect yourself and your interests?

I try to be as open minded as possible while still holding on to my interests.

-Describe your behavior in the situations of opposition and if you have to use some force?

If I was opposing something I would be angry and wouldnt mind using some force but would I really? I could be afraid of conflict.

-Do others think of you as a strong person? Do you think you are a strong person?

Others probably dont think I'm a strong person,maybe people who really know me thinks so. I think I am a strong person to some degree but not completely, after all I am still alive and I keep trying even though I had bad times.

-How do you understand if a person is strong? Are there any signs of a strong person? What is the core of any force? Why do people listen to one person, but not the other?

For me, being strong means not giving up regardless of bad things happening/happened to you. Its still having hope and determination.
In the core of any force, there is a want to achieve something or be happy or both
Sometimes people dont listen to the others because they dont agree with them

Block V

-What is boorishness? Does your understanding of it correlate with the generally accepted notion? How would you explain what boorishness mean to a 10 year old child? How would you explain the same to an adult who does not behave ethically?

Being rude for no reason at all.
Yeah I think it correlates
I would explain it to a child as it being insensitive and rude.
Same with the adult but in a more angry tone because s/he should know better

-How would you improve the moral of the society?

Firstly by improving myself so I would show them change is possible and good.

-Can you justify somebody's bad behavior by thinking that he/she wasn't taught how to do so?

It wouldnt be my first thought to consider it but sometimes yes

-Give us your understanding of love. Can you love and punish at the same time?

Love is caring about someone so much. You can't love and punish at the same time.

-Have you heard about the Southern hospitality? Everything is for the guest. There is also a German hospitality – the master of the house is always right. What method is the right one? Try to evaluate without the weight of any cultural aspects, traditions, nations etc.

I feel more prone to german one. ''everything is for the guest''...idk how to explain but it feels too selfless and passive?

-What is sympathy? When do you need to express it? When is it advised not to?

Sympathy is showing love and care. Especially needing when someone you care about is feeling bad. Sympathy is not advised if the person is bad and don't deserve it.

-Are there any norms of behavior in the society? Do you follow them? Do people always have to follow them? Why?

I dont think so but it should be open-mindedness to understand each other an be nice. I value it a lot so I try to follow it.
Yes, it should be always followed because its important to consider the feelings of others.

-How do you know what attitude among people is right or wrong?

As long as it doesnt hurt people and it feels good to do.

-What does moral mean? What is immoral? Does your understanding correlate with the others? How can you evaluate the correctness of your own understanding?

I always thought it was about good or bad and being immoral is being really bad
Well I think its not correlated totally because i found different definitions on google lol.

-Somebody is giving you a negative attitude – what is your reaction? Could you show your own negative attitude toward someone else? If so, how? Could you give a person the silent treatment? How easily do you forgive people?

I would feel negative and show it by my words, maybe with shouting or sarcasm.
The silent treatment is not for me
It depends on what they did

Block VI

-"Whole world does not cost one tear of child" – how do you understand this phrase? Do you agree with this opinion?

I had to to search about it and think...uhh..i dont think I understand

-Is it acceptable to express emotions? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions.

Most of the time and if its appropriate, yes. Its inappropriate to laugh when you're supposed to cry, unless you laugh because of sadness for some reason idk

-Can you use negative emotions? In what situations?

uhh..yes?..when something angers me I feel angry???

-How do you express negative emotions? What does it look like? What do others think about it?

I'd rather to avoid them but i know its not always healthy, I just dont wanna feel bad because I know if i do feel bad once, it can increase and be worse so I'd rather to focus on something else. I found negative emotions as suffocating. People tell me I shouldnt ignore them because they will come back worse.

-Shallow emotions – what does it mean? Are there any other emotions?

Not deep emotions, people with shallow emotions probably look emotionless.
there's a feeling of being numb aka not feeling anything.

-What are right or wrong emotions?

Emotions are mostly not right or wrong, they just are. But its wrong emotions when you, lets say, feel happy than someone feels bad..

-Can you change the emotional state of yourself? Of others? To what side – positive or negative?

I think I can but not to others because changing others emotions state into more positive means dealing with their negativity at first...
I am only talking about to the positive side of emotions.

-What does it mean to "pour out your emotions"? How does it happen?

Its mainly about showing your negative emotions you've been hiding for a while after finally having enough.

-Does your internal emotional state correlate with what you show externally?

Not so much honestly, I usually look natural no matter what I feel inside, I dont like it, I want ppl to know.

-Do you track what mood you are in throughout the day? Do you notice the mood of others?

No and sometimes I guess

Block VII

-Do you like surprises?


-How people change? How do you feel about those changes? Can others see the changes?

People change when they had enough and/or learned enough. If its positive,I absolutely love changes. I didn't see any negative changes too, I dont think so at least. yes, others can see the changes

-Is it true that whatever happens is only for the best?

Personally yes, I believe that, even though it might seem negative, it can have a positive effect in the future

-What do you think of horoscopes, fortune telling etc.? Do you believe in luck, lucky fortuity?

I dont completely believe in them but they are interesting. I don't believe in luck either

-Can you forecast events? Is it even real?

You can guess but its not guaranteed.

-What is time? How do you feel time? Can you "kill" time? How?

Time is an illusion becase you can feel the time getting faster when you do things you enjoy and vice versa. You kill time my wasting your time on things that doesnt affect you positively in the present and the future

-Is it easy for you to wait for some important event? What if you don’t know when it is supposed to happen?

I am very impatient so its not easy for me to wait.
If I don't know when its supposed to happen, It probably would create anxiety in me because it can happen anytime and I might not be prepared

-Do you need help creating forecasts and determining how something will end? Do you trust those forecasts?

I only think about the end of my goals and thats it. I dont try to foresee often so I'm not that trustful of them either

-Are you normally late? How do you react if someone is late?

I am not late but I am not so early either. If someone was late I would be very impatient and it would make me angry too.

-Imagine the situation where you agreed to meet with someone. Your feelings and actions: a) 20 minutes before the meeting starts, b) 5 minutes before the meeting starts, c) it is time for the meeting to start, but the person is not here, d) 20 minutes after the meeting start time and the person is not here, e) more time and the person is still not here…

a) I would be on the road or preparing at home to go
b) I would be close the the meeting place or there
c) I wouldnt mind it so much, I would enjoy my phone and wait a bit more
d) I would already feel impatient and angry and would call the person
e) I would reach my patience limits, I would want to leave and might actually do that

Block VIII

-Is there a meaning of life? In what? Is it the same for everybody?

Yes, to be happy, its the same for everyone

-What should be done so people can be happy?

People should be true to themselves, go out of their comfort zone, accept negativity then choosing to see the positive sides.

-In the situations with a lot of potential and volatility will you trust your own guts, logically calculating everything or will you ask people you trust what should be done?

I would mostly trust my guts but also consider other people's points.

-When you meet a stranger, what can you say about them right away? How do you know what this person is all about? Does it take long to understand someone's talents?

Unfortunely I might be prejudiced towards them based on their behavior and look but after all I try to ignore that feelings. You only know that person REALLY WELL when you know each others strenghts AND weaknesses.
Yeah I guess it takes long to understand them.

-Remember an interesting person and call out 5-6 qualities you think are interesting in them. What makes an interesting person? Are you an interesting person? Why? What if someone calls you "boring" and "not interesting"?

that makes them a interesting person, you would want to know them more.
I try to be an interesting person, I find myself more close to being interesting than before.
One of my biggest fears is someone calling me ''boring'' it would make me very insecure about myself.

-What opinions, from people who know you, seem: a) fair; b) not fair; c) hurtful; d) strange.

It really hurts me when people say I am quiet. I like it when people say I'm friendly.

Do you fantasize? What kind of fantasies do you have?

A LOT. I constantly think about the future and about what I want to do. I may fantasize about non-realistic stuff too just for fun, like havig magical powers lol. When I fantasize, I also fantasize about people admiring me and finding me interresting,fun and confident.

-What qualities should a person have to be successful and why?

Passion- if you care about thing you want to do, you are more motivated to do them
Confidence-motivation again
Persistency-you should keep going on even when you don't feel like it, because if you procrastinate, it might feel good in short term but you would feel regret in long term.
Talent- Its the most important thing and in the end success depends on it.

-What qualities can stop a person from being successful and why?

Procrastinating,laziness- (see the above)
Insecurity about yourself and your work- It would make you very unmotivated .

-What is more important in life – to be a good person or be a successful one? Why? Is a good person always successful? If not, then why?

Both... if I had to choose... I would be a succesfull person to be honest. I dont have to make everyone like me because they just might not accept me as who I am.
Good persons arent always succesfull because there are many other factors to success like I said above.

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Post photos or a video with crisp quality. My high quality, three dimensional VI templates for every socionics type and subtype renders questionnaires and tests obsolete methods of typing.

See Stackemup Typology (Socionics-side).

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I get beta NF vibes from you, definately an ethical type. And you seem Se valuing based on your understanding of hierarchy and its necessity. You have the friendly welcoming face that Fe leading types also generally have. I put some things into this reinin dichotemy test and you came out as either SEI or EIE, based upon your focus on long term goals and belief in subjectivity of views.

So I would go either with EIE (most likely) or SEI.

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I get beta NF vibes from you, definately an ethical type. And you seem Se valuing based on your understanding of hierarchy and its necessity. You have the friendly welcoming face that Fe leading types also generally have. I put some things into this reinin dichotemy test and you came out as either SEI or EIE, based upon your focus on long term goals and belief in subjectivity of views.

So I would go either with EIE (most likely) or SEI.
EIE is a type I considered but I dont think I lead with Fe because I dont really respond to emotional flow around me directly (cause shy lol). And although showing emotions is generally a good thing, I look detached and not so emotional. I think I can recognize people's mood but I'm not so sure about it because I didnt really ask them what they really feel.

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EIE is a type I considered but I dont think I lead with Fe because I dont really respond to emotional flow around me directly (cause shy lol). And although showing emotions is generally a good thing, I look detached and not so emotional. I think I can recognize people's mood but I'm not so sure about it because I didnt really ask them what they really feel.
An EIE can be shy, even "introverted" according to the behavioral definition in mbti. Extroversion here is more about whether your leading function focuses on internal relations and those between you and external objects which is introversion, or the relations between external objects which is extroversion.

You definately sound like a beta NF, I think you're less and less likely to be SEI. Looking at some of the questions, you may be leading Ni because you spend much of your time imagining the future and how it will turn out.

Especially if too much Fe usage by others wears you out after a while, which indicates creative Fe. I'm split between EIE and IEI.
Do you use your ability to recognize emotional atmospheres to predict how future scenarios will turn out?

Or is it more that you use your ability to predict future events, to help you create and recognize emotional atmospheres.

Or another way to think about it is, do you spend more time imagining the future or determining and modifying emotional atmospheres?

i.e Producing vs accepting Fe and Ni.
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