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Here's how I got it:

I dislike routine/like variety and I'm quite flexible/adaptable. (even my family says that) I may be a bit too forgetful. I may be way too haphazard too. SJ types: GONE FOREVER

I may have an unrealistic and imaginative attitude. SP types: GONE FOREVER

I don't fit into inferior Se and I may be a bit too spontaneous. NJ types: GONE FOREVER

I don't fit into inferior Te and I may be a bit too logical for Fi-doms. INFP ELIMINATED

INTP vs ENxP was tougher. But... my mom says that I always search an illness/worry about a disease. That's inferior Si, not tertiary. Tert Si wouldn't search for a disease. Also, if I was an INTP, I wouldn't need that much validation from people. My main weakness is not about the emotional atmosphere. It's more about practicality and routine. I may also forget about my internal sensations. And finally, I'm ambiverted, not a total introvert. In fact, I am extroverted according to Big 5. I may be too active for INTP. Also, I like outer stimuli way too much for an INTP. (so no PoLR Se) INTP ELIMINATED

Down to 2. ENFP or ENTP. But... I couldn't figure out Ti-Fe vs Fi-Te. Can you differentiate between them?

And if I'm ACTUALLY not an ENxP, can you give me the reasons?
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