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I think we've all felt like this at some point of our lives.

Now, if you're anything like me, you'll agree that people are innately curious. That means, regardless of background, interests, lifestyle, and what have you, everyone genuinely has a curious mind. Now, how do you spark their curiosity? Talking about the weather? Inquiring about their weekend? Profession? Nah... all of this reaks of stuff that everyone else has asked them a million times over, most often in an uncaring tone.

(I'm in a rambling mood because of I'm hyper from my green tea, so you're welcome to skip the rest)
Here's what I mean about sparking curiosity -- an example of a conversation I had with a volunteer I have never met before.

*dead air*
Me> So are you a reader or a writer?
Her> Uh? I enjoy doing both.
Me> Well, yes... everyone is CAPABLE of doing both, but everyone has a slight affinity towards one.
Her> I'm more of a reader.
Me> Ohh... I'm more of a writer. So what draws you to reading though?
Her> (something about wide array of stories and new concepts).
Me> What are you reading right now?
Her> (talks about some book relating a wolf pack to the dynamics of a family. She goes onto explain a story about how the man was adopted into a wolf pack after he lost his own). What do you write about?
Me> *I ignore her question because it's an automatic social reflex to reflect back a question* That sounds pretty interesting actually. How do you feel about adoption in general?
Her> *vague response meaning she hasn't thought too much about it* It's good.
Me> Personally, I've always wanted to adopt because... *philosophy jargon*

From that point forward, she kept asking me about adoption and that eventually deviated into questions about spirituality and ghosts even. All in all, she turned into the question asker, which is rare because, as you know, most people prefer to talk about themselves. Personally, I think she thrived on being able to talk about essentially everything which wouldn't really be spurred by most small talk lingo that happens nowadays.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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