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@leoni Yes, I often experience an inner loneliness similar to your description.

I think connection / successful communication is difficult for most people. But whereas some (most?) people are able to take a poor connection in their stride (e.g. "He's just living on another planet" **shrugs**) INFJs may be hit by a quadruple whammy:

desiring/needing a good connection (eg to feel understood in depth);
probably even lower chance than most people of experiencing this;
being more likely to notice that there's been a connection failure;
experiencing any failed connection as painful.​

Such a scenario isn't unique to INFJs but it's probably us who are most likely to experience this.

No easy answers. I do think that quality rather than quantity is what counts in friendships. A big part of my "salvation" in my life was meeting the woman who has been my best friend for many years and who is also INFJ. She "gets me" pretty much 100%

Plus don't overlook the value of PCafe! Here you can connect with other INFJs - in threads of course and perhaps by PM is even more valuable.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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