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I'm wondering if any of my fellow INFJ's can relate.

When I'm trying to branch out and make new friends... or even hold conversations with some of my current friends, I'm left with this feeling of emptiness and disconnectedness. Sometimes the conversation can be enjoyable, but on a deeper level, I know they really don't get me. It feels like there's a lot of things I can't go into conversation to with the majority of people because they just wouldn't get it. I'm not insulting their intellect or anything, but it just feels like it would be a fruitless conversation because they just wouldn't be able to relate.

The thing is, this leaves me with such a sadness and feeling of being cut off from most of humanity. I feel like I'm on a lonely island sometimes because I don't think the majority of people can understand me. I hope this doesn't sound elitist or something because it's not at all meant that way. I just feel different than most people. I think as INFJs, we tend to think about and pick up on things that many people simply wouldn't think about at all.

Just wondering if any of you ever feel the same.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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