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Roaming around on the 'What's My Enneagram Type' Forum has revealed the evident need of an easier way to finding your Enneagram type. A lot of people are left confused and unsure of what type they really are. Unfortunately, if you can not find out your correct Enneagram type, it will be of no use to you. That is why I hope this post can help those unsure of what the Enneagram is and how to even find a type correct for them.

I had a fairly difficult journey in discovering my Enneagram type. I did countless of test, with each test coming up different every time. Ultimately, I wanted to just forget about it and go about in my ignorance, but I just couldn't. I mean, I had some clue of what type I could be, but every new result I got made it more and more confusing. In the end, I had to research it abundantly, watch videos, and scour the internet for anything that would help me to understand why finding my Enneagram appeared to be so difficult.

After all that work, I came across the site Enneagram Explorations. It is a site in which you can find an abundance of information regarding the Enneagram and it's types. It has a bunch of tests you can buy, but it also has a free test in which you can take in order to find out which type you most likely are.

The Enneacards Sampler Free Enneagram Test is not like all the other tests you may have taken. Instead of vague statements in which you are asked to rank on a scale, this test gives you an option of three cards with a grouping of words on them. You are asked to categorize these cards by how you are/have been most of your life. They even provide a friendly question mark to the right of these cards in order to help you better understand each and every word and it's meaning. It eventually goes through selection of cards- each card narrowing down the process of elimination.

In the end, you will have to scroll down past all the 'buy this test' and 'buy your test results' crap in order to reach a button on the bottom of the page for your test results.

When you're at your results... you may see two types that are the same, this means that this is more likely to be an exact match. Or perhaps, you may see two different types, meaning that you could be either or. I would suggest reading up on these types and deciphering for yourself which one you are most likely to be.

Remember to be completely honest with yourself. If you are not, your Enneagram results won't matter. They are only helpful for your type if they are truly your type.

I hope this helps a lot of people as it has helped me. You can also look for more information pertaining the instinctual subtypes, Enneagram tritypes at the same site (Enneagram Explorations).
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