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ISFP 2w1 (9w1 7w6) sp/so
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I'm in desperate need of discussing about my favorite videogames saga, so I'm opening up this thread if no one else will.

Starting off with the latest game in the serie, Three Houses, since it's got some of the best characterizations of FE in my opinion.
My typings got some holes because I'm looking at every single caracter, and mostly writing down stuff when stuff strikes me in the face like "OF COUURSE he's that type"
Without further ado

Blue Lions
Dimitri - IXFJ 1w2 6w? (+ nice 1 disintegration after timeskip)
Dedue - 6w5? 9w8 (order?)
Sylvain - 7w6 4w3 9w8
Felix - XSFP Cp6w5 4w3 1w9
Ingrid - 1w9 6w?
Ashe - 6w7 2w1 9w1
Mercedes - 9w1 2w1 6w7
Annette - ENFP 3w2 6w5 1/9?

Black Eagles
Edelgard - xNTJ 1w2 3w4 ?
Hubert - EXTJ
Linhardt - INTP 9w8 5w4 4w5
Caspar - ESFP 2/3? 8/1?
Petra - 6w7 1w2 3?
Ferdinand - 3w2 1w2
Bernadetta - INFP 6w5 9w8 4w5
Dorothea - ESFJ? 2w3 9w8

Golden Deer
Claude - ENXP 4w5 1w9 5w4/7w6?
Hilda - 7w6 2w3
Leonie - 3w2 1?
Lysithea - ENTJ 5w4 1w2 3w4 sp/so
Lorenz - XNFJ 3w4
Ignatz - 9w1 6w7 4w5?
Marianne - 9w1 ? 6

Church of Seiros + Ashen Wolves
Seteth - ISTJ? 1w2 6w5 sp/so
Cyril - 6w5
Yuri - INXJ 1w2 7w8?
Hapi - 9w8
Constance - 3w4 9w8
Balthus - 7w6

I've not really looked into typing other games. I just started playing Path of Radiance however and I can say that Soren has big XNTJ, and Ike XSFP energies. And they're good, I love them.
I dearly hope someone knows these games and will be interested in typing with me !
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