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Anyone interested in typing Fire Emblem Characters from any game?
I've played half way through most of them and all the way through one or two mostly so...

Path of Radiance
Ike - ESFJ or ENFJ
Elincia Ridell Crimea - INFP
Mist - Many say ENFP but I always saw her as ISFP
Rhys - INFP <3
Oscar - He's one of my faves and I still have no clue...INTP maybe? ISTP?
Boyd - ESFP
Rolf - ISFP
Shinon - ESTP
Gatrie - ESFP
Mia - ENTP
Volke - INTJ
Bastian - ENFP
Geoffrey - Always seemed INFJ to an odd way
Lucia - INFJ or INTJ...dunno...
Brom - ISFJ
Nephenee - ISFP...who kicks some major ass :)
Kieran - ESTP
Calill - ENTJ to me, ESTJ to others
Largo - ESFP
Marcia - ESTP or what I think...ENTP
Tanith - ISTJ
Makalov - ESTP
Astrid - INFP
Tormod - ENFP
Maurim - ISFJ
Stefan - ENTP
Haar - Everyone screams INTP...but I always saw him as distinctively INFP
Jill - My favorite character...I'm determined she's ENFP.
Ilyana - ISFP
Sothe - ISTP
Tauroneo - ESTJ
Zihark - INFP...oh Zihark, how I love you and wished you would have married Ilyana.
Giffca - ESFJ? ENFJ?
Lethe - ISTP
Mordecai - ISFP
Ranulf - ENFJ love him too :)
Janaff - ENFP
Ulki - ISTJ
Naesala - ENTJ or INTJ
Reyson - INFJ, and yes...I love him.
Tibarn - ENTJ
Leanne - INFJ or INFP
Ena - an INF of some sort...prob J
Nasir - INFJ

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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