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five favorite TV shows of all time. go.

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in no particular order:
gilmore girls
the office
buffy the vampire slayer
bewitched (i dont think i can explain this one)

so hard to pick. how about you guys? :)
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The Office
Degrassi (...Don't judge me.)
Clone High
-free space-

I literally cannot name a fifth for fear that I am forgetting something unequivocally epic... I'm sure there's something out there I haven't seen yet, anyway, that would trump whatever else I could come up with now. I actually don't even watch television that much anymore, so I wouldn't know.

Although, I would like to lump together a bunch of shows that aired on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel when I was a kid and have that be my fifth choice. Children's television was fantastic in the nineties/early 2000's. Like, I really miss Legends of the Hidden Temple and Lizzie McGuire. Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life and stuff. Bug Juice! So Weird, Two-Hour Tour.

And United States of Tara is good, too.

See? I cannot make choices!
I want to add The Colbert Report to my list of alternates. That is one of the few television shows I actually watch now while it's on television...
1 - 2 of 135 Posts
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