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Flirting with ISFJs

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Hello, pretty hidden gems of PerC :) ESTP here, wanted to ask a couple innocent questions. How do you view flirting? What can a guy do to attract you to him? I hope these questions are easy to answer. Thank you in advance!!
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I think we've pretty much reached the consensus that the guy has to initiate the flirting first, haha. But yeah, I love it when guys show genuine appreciation for things I do and compliment me. It also helps if the guy makes me feel comfortable around him and accepts me with little judgement. Things like that really help me get out of my shell and actually begin talking to them on a deeper level.

In my case, though, I have to be hit on the head with a frying pan before I know someone actually has feelings for me. So yes, after and only after the ISFJ gets comfortable with you, it does help to be direct.
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