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Hello. I am apparently an ENTJ, but I seem more apt to want to be an INTJ. I suppose that you just have to get to know me before you say: "Oh yeah, she's definitely an ENTJ." But yeah.

I like:
-Smiley faces :tongue:
-Jesus Crist
-The Bible
-Animals. ((Duh??))
-Being Random
-My friends
-The Nanny (TV Show
-Kingdom Hearts
-London, England
-The UK in general ^^

I hate:
-Annoying people (Don't we all?)
-Lazy people
-Pink (The colour)
-Quoting my friends
-Being touched
-People who cut in line
-Long sleeves without a hood
-Those people who steal my desk and then ask my why I want to sit there (I'm OCD!!)

I am afraid of:
-Gay people frighten me. :mellow:

Yeah, I think that that is about all you need to know about me. :) Thank you for reading this. ^^

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To Mr. CafeBot:

Thank you for your welcome. Also thanks for the information on the site. I was actually having difficulty finding my way around, and I stumbled across this Into Forum, so I stopped to say hi! ((That and my friend who's also on this site is not helping me navigate!))

To Isildin:

Well, I was in my seventh hour class, and I looked up emo panda bear, and this popped up. As I mentioned earlier, my friend, who isn't helping me navigate this site, ( u_u ) told me that it should be my avatar. So Voila!

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Hello. I am apparently an ENTJ, but I seem more apt to want to be an INTJ.
^ Seeing that, as well as knowing you, compels me to gloat. Though, I am a tad more friendly then that.

Welcome to the forums. Don't get run over, try to avoid falling llamas with spikes (unless that is some sort of sexual fetish), and finally... mmm... have fun? Yes. That one!
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I saw the username and thread title and I thought "Sounds like an INFP". Then I saw the avatar and I was like "Oh, that's where the NTJ comes in." :tongue:

Anyway, welcome aboard!

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LOL, the username made me think "Whaaa?~ XNTJ?!" and then I saw the avatar. Nice, clever. XD
Anyways, welcome and enjoy your stay~
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