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Well, today went better than expected, praise the Lord. As predicted, there definately was what I like to call an ambush, waiting for me when I got to work today, but it wasn't as violent as I had previously anticipated. In fact, it was very peaceful and well mannered and their was a lightness about the atmosphere that suggested it wasn't all so serious as that. Once again there was some good enneagram observation going on and I found myself just delighted with it. By the way, my new observation with myself is that I use enneagram observation as a way to extract myself from the confrontations that I have to deal with. Kinda like my subconscious is thinking that if there is some way that I can turn my confrontations into museum exhibits, then they won't be confrontations anymore. It will be as if they don't even involve me anymore. That is actually a very 5y thing to do, which surprises me because I by far lean heavier on the 7 side, but you know, I'm full of surprises like that. It actually gives me this incredably powerful feeling when I study the enneagram and when I observe the things I learn in others. Sometimes I catch myself think that I one day I will just KNOW everyone and will be able to predict everything they do and then no one will ever be able to hurt me or catch off my guard again because I will this all seeing and all knowing person, thanks to the enneagram. Its funny, but then not so funny, because actually, it DOES kind of work. I have actually already avoided a decent number of confrontations, or, at the very least, unpleasent surprises, all because of my understanding of the enneagram. But still, there is so much more to people than just the enneagram and I'd do well to remember it. People can always surprise you.
But listen, Rodney, is who I found most interesting and I had fun listening to him and watching him because he is just so 1y. Like...Seriously, he is the PERFECT example of a 1. He could be the poster child for 1s everywhere. I like people who are so very strongly their number because they are the most predictable and thats cute to me. And safe. I don't think that I had any effect on his way of thinking, and ultimately, because he is a 1, after our meeting was over, the basic end result was, he was convinced he was right and I was wrong, AND he had given me a small list of things to change in myself so that I would better fit his standards. But what do you honestly expect when you pit a 6 and a 1 against each other, when the 1 is the 6's supervisor?
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