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First things first:figure out what you value. We are highly driven by our values, if you can zeroin on what you value and stick to it, you will be immensely happy.

I know we are alldifferent, but some good starting points for INFP's would be; Health, Self Growth,Confidence, Focus, Freedom, Simplicity, Helping people, and to Inspire.

Eat. Move. Improve. is thegreatest resource I have come across. It Is straight and to the point. Fuelyour body with great healthy food because you are what you eat. If you smoke ordrink and it is affecting your anxiety/depression levels please, please do yourself a favor and either keep itto the weekends or stop. Don't neglect your sleep schedule. I have to admitthis one is the toughest to stay on top of for me. Next, exercise. I really love bodyweight fitness because itis very functional and requires minimal equipment. I recommend going to a parkto avoid distractions and really focus on what you want. Set some solid, goals.Don't let the dreamer in you get the best of you! Be realistic. It takes timeto gain weight, and it takes a while to lose it. We are prone to episodes ofdepression, caring for yourself will go along way in making in minimizing negative thought patterns anddepression.

Self Growth
Be the change youwant to see in the world. Always strive to learn new things about yourself andthose around you.

Give yourself a paton the back because as INFP's living in an Extroverted Thinker world, we arevery unique individuals. You are valuable, be your best friend. Fuck thenegative self talk. Taking care of your health goes along way in giving youconfidence but another thing that hasgreatly improved my life is dressing in clothes that fit you [style, fit, andcolor wise.] Head on over to /r/MaleFashionAdvice or /r/FemaleFashionAdvice read the sidebar, and learn some color theory. Remember these are meant to be guidelines not absolute. This advice sounds really vain, but trust me,it does wonderful things to your confidence levels. I use to hate Men's style,but lately I have taken a liking for it. It seems cruel, but good lookingpeople get treated better in this society. Make yourself look great and exudethat humble confidence you are capable of.

Be honest withyourself and others. Be willing to change what is under your control. Bewilling to take criticism for what it is. Being deceiving causes more problemsin the long run.

Meditate daily; itquiets down your thoughts and also helpswith anxiety, focus, and patience. Don't try to multitask just do one thing ata time. Set realistic goals with a strong focus. Be specific; rather than setting a vague goal like "Clean my room."change it to "put my clothes away." If you know what you have to do,it helps you get started. Head on over to zenhabits for some tips on simple goal setting.

Self control =freedom. Schedule your time, make to do lists. Keep it SIMPLE, don'tovercomplicate the system. If it's easy to jot down you are more likely to keepup the habit. Empty your mind and keep a journal. Here'sa great system to get you started. You are the only one who can live your life.

Helping Others
As an Infp, you havea very humble charm. Use it to youradvantage. Help otherswhenever an opportunity arises. It gives you a sense of self worth. You canstart by smiling at passerby's and brighten up their day. You will begin tonotice that happiness is contagious. Bethe change you wish to see in the world.

Keep it simple. Don'toverthink. Buy only what you love and make sure it is of decent quality.Being minimal helps you make decisions, as well as focus on what really mattersto you. Practice using Occam'srazor. Live minimally.Make your life easier.

First and foremostdo the things that make you happy. Stick to your values and people will respectyou. Don't be afraid to speak your mind and compliment people. To be honest, Idon't have much to say about this one. It's probably the most personal of allof these.

By no means am Iperfect, but trying to follow these values gives me a deep sense ofsatisfaction with my life. I feel that many people can benefit fromincorporating some of these values into their lifestyle. What do you value?
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