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I have been through this struggle too so when I found something that helped me to understand it better I felt the need to share it.

E vs I is just telling you what your dominant function is.

If you're an E then your dominant function will be one of these:

Te (Extroverted Thinking)
Fe (Extroverted Feeling)
Se (Extroverted Sensing)
Ne (Extroverted iNtuition)

If you're an I it will be one of these:

Ti (Introverted Thinking)
Fi (Introverted Feeling)
Si (Introverted Sensing)
Ni (Introverted iNtuition)

Follow this link and scroll down to find an explanation of what the functions act/look like:

The next step is to figure out which one is your dominant function.
If you're anything like me, then you'll find it difficult to decide between 2 or 3 functions for your dominant function.

Things that can help you decide are (not an exhaustive list):

Online tests (only as good as you make them),
Figuring out what stimulates (energizes) you mentally the most,
Figuring out what bores (drains) you mentally more (between your top 2 or 3),
Figuring out/deciding what comes most naturally to you.

After considering those things I came to the conclusion that I'm Ne dominant.
Hopefully you'll find this helpful too.
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