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This is one I always see typed as an INFP for some reason. But it's wrong, dammit, wrong! Now, I can see where one might get that impression, and it makes sense if you're going by just the letters and stereotypes: Mulder is a loner (I), he's intuitive (N), he's passionate about a cause (F), and he's disorganized (P). But if you actually look at the functions, which is what you are supposed to do, he is quite clearly an INTJ. Allow me to explain:

Ni - I don't understand how anyone could watch a single episode of The X-Files and come to any conclusion BUT that he is Ni dominant. The man believes there is more to literally everything, his beliefs are seen as "spooky" and weird but he still holds to them because he simply "knows" they are right, he gets strange visions and insights on a semi-regular basis, he just seems to always instinctively "know" the solution to a case before he even gets started and is right 99.99% of the time, and his "hunches" are just incredible. One of the best examples of an Ni dominant I've ever seen, fiction or not.

Te - Mulder may not be very organized, but he is nonetheless very determined to get to the root of a situation and find the truth. This kind of single-mindedness often leads someone with Te to neglect details they begin to see as trivial, which explains why Mulder's office and apartment are messes. Mulder latches on to something and becomes obsessed with it. Moreover, though Mulder can be passionate about his causes (tertiary Fi), that's not enough for him. Mulder may "want to believe," but he can't actually believe without proof and logic. He's dedicated his whole life to finding it and in the process validate his beliefs. An Fi dominant wouldn't need to go that far; they would be satisfied wanting to believe and that would be enough for them to believe it. At one point in the series Mulder actually ditched his firmly held belief in UFOs simply because he had uncovered (fabricated) evidence which strongly indicated it was a Government-generated hoax to cover up another conspiracy. He couldn't rationalize his beliefs with the evidence, and so the evidence won out. Thus, Te>Fi. Finally, Mulder was described as the top of his class at both Oxford and the FBI Academy. Clearly, Mulder can organize and focus on whatever he needs to at the moment; he just prioritizes internally. Pure Te.

Fi - Pretty self-explanatory. Mulder is on a crusade for his chosen cause, and it is extremely difficult to throw him off that path. As explained above however, it's not impossible and so Mulder is Fi tertiary, not dominant. He uses his Te to confirm his Fi beliefs and values, which gives a purpose to his quest.

Se - Just as his Te works with his Fi, so Mulder's Se works with his Ni. It's pretty difficult to get into the FBI without keen perception and awareness of one's surroundings, which Mulder has. Mulder's Se inferior is subconsciously processed and relayed through his Ni dominant, giving him good instincts and reflexes. He's always able to get the drop on and stay ahead of suspects and adversaries in this way.

So with all this evidence, Mulder is quite clearly an INTJ. And though I won't go into as much detail, I will say that it is fairly obvious that Scully is an ISTJ. When Jung said that the N/S difference is the biggest, he was right. Scully respects authority, rules and tradition, is uncomfortable with the unknown and what is not easily explained, relies primarily on concrete facts, and will even often ignore what doesn't fit with what she already takes for granted as a certainty. (Strong Si.) Mulder is the complete opposite of all these things in every way. However, they do share the basic similarities that both are introverted and logical. This is why the duo makes for a good team - Scully has her feet firmly on the ground and so her pull keeps Mulder's head from getting too lost in the clouds.
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