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F.R.E.E. Enneagram Global Summit 2017

Enneastyle: The 9 Languages and Personal Presentations of the 9 Enneagram Types

This interview is about Katherine's study of Enneastyle and her findings as to what the 9 Enneagram Types said about themselves and how they converse in their own distinct language. The cluster of words, images, and phrases the types most frequently used revealed meaningful aspects of their 'internal experience' of their Enneagram Type. Understanding what the types said and why is a great help when confirming which Type, Instinctual Type and Tritype are dominant.

• Learn the difference between the 'internal' and 'external' expressions of Enneagram Type
• Discover which words the types prefer to use and why, such as which type uses the word loving the most, who uses the word vulgar, who chose blue, and which type used the word elastic as their need. Some responses may surprise you.
• Learn nuances about the 9 Enneagram Types and their answers to the 14 questions on the Enneastyle Questionnaire, which included questions as to their strength, weakness, desire, need, fear, image and more, and what they shared in follow up interviews.
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