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Hi everyone! I wasn’t sure where to put this (since I’m still new to the site) but I have a really nice lined notebook that says INTJ with a lovely insignia on it. I wanted to give it away to somebody but I don’t know any INTJs personally in real life, so i figured maybe there was somebody on here that would want it? It has never been used.
I thought about selling it online but I’m positive it won’t sell. Lol. That being said, I’m willing to ship it for free. It can be good for a gift or whatever you’d like!
4D45617E-1163-43A3-8034-42E9CE9881BE.jpg 7027DCD8-49A3-4056-8D0D-2D917CD76C3D.jpg

This notebook has found a new happy home! Thanks again. ~
(aka it’s no longer available)
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