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Been here on and off since december but haven't really felt like posting anything until now.
MBTI, socionics and all these things are interesting to read about and might also be of some help in real life when it comes to figuring people out or just getting to know people, especially myself.

Anyways.. I like listening to music and would love to learn how to play piano (I can play the guitar somewhat well already.. might be rusty though), playing video-games, watching TV-shows/movies and I've taken up reading as of late. Never did read prior to my 23rd-ish birthday and it's still going slowly, but I'm getting there!

Not entirely sure I'm an ISFP but it's what many signs point to according to my own research (reading about functions/doing tests etc.). Have a look at my 'type me'-thread if you want to help me out (can't post link yet, but it's in my profile somewhere).

See you out there!

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