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Ah, well here we are. It was suggested to me that I start a thread to address the forum community, of my presence, so I have. Here I am.

I am here because I found the idea of immersing myself into a forum of my supposed opposite, to be very interesting, and humorous. I also thought that it would give you little rays of sunshine, a different perspective on an INTJ, considering some, or most of you, probably find an INTJ one of the most unpleasant things you have ever come into contact with. So the thought of the possible contrast in personalities that I may find here, was far too intriguing for me to ignore.

With that said, I am looking forward to dissecting, testing, researching, applying, theorizing, analyzing, and possibility-izing, anything and everything here that I find to be worthy of my time.

And just a side note, since I feel among the minority here, and in the defense of myself, and fellow INTJ's we aren't really that bad, once you gain a tolerance for our high dosing of satire. :laughing:

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