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From under the rain cloud I weep
Frigid and musing, I find it hard to sleep
Crestfallen and downcast, I ache for affection
Avoiding the action for fear of rejection

From beneath the thunder my conscience rumbles
Beneath the pressure my sensitive skin crumbles
I retreat to the catacombs and slumber with shadows
Safe from the rustles, the quakes, and the rattles

Sunrise burns the sacred tranquility
Melts my ambition, scorches my ability
Hide me 'neath the sheets of ivory snow bed cover
I will blossom anew with the rain cloud's hover

She will be a distant image, elusive
With each ice pellet's puncture, cold and abusive
She finds her way into my thoughts, madly intrusive
Haunting my dream sequence, recurring and lucid

Unhappy and grief-stricken, forlorn and dejected
Sheltered beneath the dirt, longing for resurrection
The deities above ground rule the cities and the towns
Those who deviate from the norm banished underground
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