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[FULLBOX] $eries 2 of HHH: Diathesis


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DIATHESIS: Maffei refers to the diathesis as being certain constitutional pathological states that are distinguished for exaggerated predisposition for certain diseases, that’s why they are denominated diathesis, that means to dispose in Greek. The diathesis are variations of the patho1ogical constitution, characterized by hereditary conditions of the organism, accordingto what, earlier or later, with noapparent causes, a certain diseaseappears over and over again. Diathesis of Ménétrier describes the biological terrain.

The higher the number Diathesis more deficiencies will be added to person. There is also the degenerative state. People are born under Diathesis 1, or, Diathesis 2, over the years depending on how the person takes care of itself, depending on how's the environment around that person.. Prematurely Diathesis develops earlier in a negative way. However there is a pattern for development of Diathesis: Diathesis 1 always develops to Diathesis 3 in a negative quality way, and Diathesis 2 always develops to 4 Diathesis in a negative quality way.. The Diathesis 5 occurs when the person is in changes between the Diathesis(Never Diathesis 1 develops to 2 or 4, or, Diathesis 2 to 1 or 3). The stages of life forces you to develops into Diathesis.

Don't forget to do this calculation: Your Diathesis + Your Attributes (Introvert, extrovert, etc).

More info: Oligo-ion; CBattello.

Diathesis 1 *Allergic* = Thinking (The person has energy even to donate. Enjoy learning various subjects at the same time, also known as the smart. Brighter results than solids results. Strong Thymus. Strong immune system).

PiCs about: One.1; One.2; One.3.

Diathesis 2 *Hypostenic* = Feeling (The opposite of Diathesis 1, cause rH² oxidized uses energy on other channels. Lets say you need sleep more than other to regain energy and do well on things. Intellectual capacity may be limited by lack of attention and a certain inability of expression. Solid intelligence. Special emphasis is given for having a deep knowledge than a brilliant mind, because they like delving into one subject until the end, also known as the wise. Weak immune system compared to Diathesis 1).

PiCs about: Two.1; Two.2; Two.3; Two.4.

Diathesis 3 *Dystonic* = Anxious (When in disharmony: The person has energy, want to do everything, but don't have the body to support everything. Using the term ''the spirit is willing, but the body is weak'').

PiCs about: Three.1; Three.2; Three.3.

Diathesis 4 *Anergic* = Depressive (When in disharmony: Displays all degrees of indifference for life, ranging from indifference to the death wish that is the hallmark of this Diathesis. Sense of absurd existence, that everything is useless. Desire to lie down, to disappear. Apathy. Individual in deep melancholy state).

PiCs about: Four.1; Four.2; Four.3.

Diathesis 5 *Maladaptation of the Endocrine System*

PiC about: Five.1.

The Receptor Organ of the Impacts:
Everyone has one weak organ(Organ that absorbs all impacts). Most people have suffered some trauma. And that weak organ suffers more than the other, because of that we must take care of it. Ex: Person with high rate of glucose, probably the person's pancreas is the impactful organ. Usually the organ that wasn't fully developed in the fetus. So.. Lets make it a vital organ! :):)

Constitutional Densities:
1- Extremely good organic constitution.
2- Good organic constitution.
3- Average organic constitution.
4- Precarious organic constitution.
5- Very precarious organic constitution.

The Evolutionary Stages:

More info: Campbellmgold.

What about the Healing?!?
A: "All cure starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed" -Hering's Law of Cure
It's the basis of all healing. This is the way the body heals or cures itself.

More info: HealingNaturallyByBee.

Generally, the blood type B are those with a better immune system, extremely good organic constitution.
People of the type: Feeling, Flower, Diathesis 2 tend to have a weaker immune system.
Flower, the feeling type - Tend to be found on Diathesis 2.

If you want to become a stupidly amazing psychologist, you have to change the way you see things for buying new eyes if you do not have it.. To stop of stereotyping, judging, measuring using titles, and see that a lot of the time people are what they are because of the lack of structure while young. The families of these days are lacking a bit of everything, but the worst is the divorce of the parents while the children are still in the initial stage of life.. They only think about themselves and even ''forget'' the effect it will have on their children. Sad reality. Also, what happens a lot is that people become what you say what the person is.. See what's everybody's saying about the kid: ''OMG! This kid is a punk, take him to hell.'' Did you see why the kid behaves like a punk? People need chances and opportunities.. Let's start it from now?

Deaf will never understand, because only the surface is enough to like this one. Those outside do not know, they say we want to bill a lot of money instead to give back the essence of life, with equilibrium for people (I wonder how they think that... People who give blood, time, resources to help each other and we have yet to hear that money speaks louder than helping people. I'll say one thing: We got nothing to do with money. You may even have the ultimate requests to pay the bank... That doesn't matter because we'll find a way to help you). BUT! The word is right, we will be modifying the substance by changing the energetic frequency to induce new cellular information(changing the memory cell). Please the so-called ''Sages of Medicine'' of which say they are the root of all knowledge... Your masters of Traditional Medicine don't mind about something that can/and has already surpassed the ''Basics'' studies of Traditional??? :shocked:

Next topic I have something special for those who want to stop breathing this air that controls people.
Your truly :ninja: source is waiting for you there! Cya!!

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