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[FULLBOX] $eries 3 of HHH: R3volution



Let's Start a Revolution! From Internal to External.
We are changing all the time, but for the better?
You must read this Bang Revolution. We gonna have this Eye of Understanding and be a Crazy TNT User if....che-che-cheeeck out!


Chapter 1 - First Off & Cards Of Life:
.Introduction: Just A Regular Rikko.
.Societiez: The Fact.
.Road Of A Rev. Life: ++Pain.

Chapter 2 - Calling Attention & How We Rock On:
.Enough OF Manipulation: -$-
.Ruling Tha World: Tha Rulles 'n' Rullers.
.Special Thanks To: MEGA Supporters.

Chapter 3 - Secrets & Treasures:
;Eye Of Knowledge & Berean Mind;
;Equilibrium & Evolution;
;Meaning Of Life;
.True Love.

Chapter 4 - Revolution & Reforms:
.Reformation: Harmful Chemical Material.
.Reformation: From Conventional Medicine To Useful Medicine.
.Revolution: Freedom 2 Knowledge.
.Revolution: Against Toxik Food - Food Containers; Fast Food; Processed Foods; Natural Foods/Liquid Modified; Eye Drop Diet For Fat Eyes.
.Special Material: The Present/Future Story of Food Industry.
.Revolution: Against Corrupt Government.
.The 3 Causes: Human Causes, Animals Causes, Nature Causes.

Chapter 5 - The Ultimate Reality Edition & THE FREEDOM:
.The Ultimate Reality #Brain Use.
.The Ultimate Reality #Divison Society.
.The Ultimate Reality #Human Powers.
.THE FREEDOM: The Freedom Mentality.


Who Am I?
Over the years I have became part of the family of those people from the underworld, the forgotten ones. Im proud member of that family. Im just a regular Henrique trying do my best wit/ alots of visions, ideals, dreams. Enthusiastic Rev-Reformer for a better day of tomorrow. Who I am doesn't really matter. What matters is that I can serve the people and touch their hearts to let them know that this is something simple, but it is not easy.

The union of an alternative society - The society united: Whether you live on the Moon or on Mars, in Heaven or in Hell. Each person can contribute by changing the place where you live. I know, 'cause I've done and I'm trying to keep always active. Although I have only a single time I got to see a united and organized with solid bases; well-fed a true brotherhood with so very good Intellectual stuff; I can say that it's better than many colleges; members are above the laws of the hierarchy, because they are all as brothers and sis. This is all based totally in Love where the Sun shines. This is a truly united society. It's the JW-society. However Im building a new one 'Army-society', because my way is different from all others. Nobody has ever seen it before, cause it's a kind of unique feeling before my dying breaths.

Every attention, or more than every attention should be kept for those people who have greatest pain(hungry people, homeless, sick people, children, people with no Hope). But how so greatest pain? We have a scale for it? Some people might say: YES! Certainly, the most deprived persons should be helped more quickly than others, but tell me: What is the difference in pain of someone who cut a finger off and another person who cut his hand off? Can you tell? Of course not. Each one has their pains. Every person has a sense of pain. Everyone knows when can handle. Sometimes the pain of others can be easier for me to handle/overcome, or, sometimes my pains are easier for people to withstand/overcome.

Something that always makes me think: All people have pain, but suffer for something this is the person who chooses. Suffer for lost causes is a great loss of great energy that could be used for more useful things. Pain is something that protects us, but we can't live life in fear of it. If you complain about your pain everytime. You're complaining for no (good) reason. We can't use that as an excuse.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Enough of Manipulation $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Enough of Manipulation $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Enough of Manipulation $$$$$$$$$$$$$$


If you're a serious person, you have to learn more about how 'the game works against the gov'. This changes lives. Change yourself first so then you can change others. Lemme tell ya about it:

1) Take it VERY SERIOUSLY, as it must be! It's not a just game.
2) TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN diligently and READ UP on strategy to better prepare for hardtimes.
3) No one is perfect, but TRY ON for PERFECTLY PROFICIENT.
5) That takes HARD WORK and DEDICATION. Play hard then.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Enough of Manipulation $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Enough of Manipulation $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Enough of Manipulation $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I will not deny there're good people in government who want to improve it for everyone and not only for them... Unfortunately most act lame. Not all politicians, not all rich people, not all artists who don't help others. I need to thank those people who want to change the world to a better day, because these people hold the world. These people who care about the poor people; who cares about sick people; who cares about nature. This is my pride. This encourages me to continue forever.

Sometimes in the past I was thinking I'm alone on this road of revolutionary life, but then I remembered something: ''I would have never moved a finger without the people I love 'n' God supporting me. Yea, that's right. Thank y'all beloved ones.''

Once I said and write about:


The secret of life is Sharing. If you share your Happiness, your thoughts, your stuff or even your sadness you know The Secret. When you Share your sadness stuff then we can do it together, facing it up day after day 'til the end of the times.

If you Simplify your life(linked to contentment) you could live twice or even more depending on you.

Learn all of all things. Filter out information that isnt useful. Ask yourself (What? How and why?). Do not just accept what they say without a logical/proven/felt answer. Learn about the good side and the evil side so you can dominate both sides. However learning the good side you will know how to distinguish the evil side. See the context, don't mess information. See clearly, don't confuse. Seek superficial and deeply answers (understand hidden meanings, symbols or smart and pratical meanings). See the possibilities; See the big picture; See specifically; Analyze the facts; Look for associations; Train your intuition. Think. Use your brain, act up then becomes a wise person(and cool, if possible):

Context: Gathering Parts -> Connecting Parts -> Formation of Whole -> Joining Wholes.
Experience: Date(Past) -> Information(Past) -> Knowledge(Past) -> Wisdom (Future/Innovation).
Understading: Reseach -> Absorving -> Doing -> Interating -> Reflecting.

When you're in a state of Equilibrium YOU BECOME PREPARED for ''anything''. See your circle of friends... Choose the ones that will help you develop. 100 years of life is a very short time to achieve the real progress. The Road to Evolution is a street without end. So.. Start it right now!!

Tip: Instead of drinking whiskey, drink Knowledge.

Hold on, be strong, but NEVER GIVE UP. You can be stronger than you think. DO MORE than ordinary people do, GO BEYOND THE LIMIT. Do more than words, ACT UP!

This is an arduous way.. Sometimes against yourself - which is the hardest fight of all. The absolute truth will never be found because no one in this world is incorruptible. This is something that you should pursue endlessly. This is something that the more you seek it, the more you find it never ends. You need to really wish deeply and sincerely.. When you find The Meaning of Life you will feel accomplished, will certainly dedicate your life based on this cause and it will become your sacred idea. Be careful not to think that you have found the absolute truth or that you're the owner of the truth.

The Basic Rule: The Inner Happiness is Greater Than The External Happiness. So.. Do what you enjoy doing. For real the human beings were made ​​to be happy and have pleasure in life.. But how can we be 100% happy if there is so much to do for a person who has never known what Happiness is, who has never known what Hope is, for a person who has always been a slave of the whole system shiet. Damn! Happiness is something personal, but who will be totally happy in a world that most people are unhappy??? We were born to be happy, but our days are fighting days, rather than days of happiness. 100% HAPPY PERSON IN THIS WORLD IS A MYTH. DON'T TRY TO FOOL YOURSELF, CAUSE YOU CANT! (Maybe drugging yourself, but your subconscious doesn't fail on that).

There many kinds of Love, but there's nothing that can replace True Love. The greatest of all of all. That's what we all have, but few people use it. The greatest of all & everything. The definition is understood when you think the answer to question: ''What is the only Treasure we have that we can use and abuse of?

Tip: This is the only gift that is unlimited.


REFORMATION - HARMFUL CHEMICAL MATERIAL: In Vaccines (Or the person dies after the injection of chemical materials by vaccine, or, die from the disease in the body of the person. H1N1 vaccine [against swine influenza] is an example of vaccine filled with harmful chemicals). Something toxic(acid) can even change part of our DNA. This is tense and powerful(POWA ACID). The water, air, foods, animals, people... Everywhere I see is contaminated(intoooxicated). Thank god we have the fire to burn down all of this by conditioning our minds to a revolution of general health for improvement. Fire fight tonight, agitators can go get your guns. Gov gonna suck it!

REFORMATION - FROM CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE TO USEFUL MEDICINE: We must re-educate our minds to an open mind to useful methods. I can say two: Chinese Medicine and Iridology. The mainstream medicine is leaving many dying due to lack of ''new methods'', while there are methods through which change frequently our memory cell. We can change the material by changing the energy (frequency) of it, E = MC2. Example: Lets say someone is suffering from AIDS. We can mitigate that with flower treatment results in longer life. If someone is diabetic then the person can actually get better with therapy with flower essence(It's natural), while others say to this person that the disease there is no solution. However this is still a reform because it does not replace the use of conventional medication.

Meanwhile many die using traditional medicine treatment by type diseases: cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and many other.....While THERE ARE means, methods, alternatives to stabilize such a thing, or even cure. Have you ever stopped to think about it? Think a little more please: A diabetic person with a request for the leg amputation, knowing that there are treatments for blood flow and oxygenation in this blessed foot, then recovers again getting it a manner that is not necessary to amputate it. Yes my friend, Frequency induction sublingually and external applied over his own foot... The resonance is stimulated, the science that has an answer to overcome Mechanical Q/Physicalism with very positive results. Yeah fellas, everything has frequency, or almost everything... Can-food = 0Hz. What a BIG surprise huh! ;p

REVOLUTION - FREEDOM TO KNOWLEDGE: What doth it profit of the Knowledge if people can not access it? It is true that the authors need to make money from copyright, but that alone is not reason enough to extinguish all the files/data pirates. There're many people who're deprived of Knowledge. There're many who can't pay for knowledge. All money these people burn up quickly because they need to eat, their money is not enough for everything. The government really doesn't want people to know more than they do. Although there is no excuse for those who really want to learn. This must change for people to understand how important it is Share.

*Food Containers (Contaminated food are all because of it, ie, almost every people are intoxicated);
*Fast Food (the oxygenated oil for potato is a strong preservative. Which can conserve food for many months.. Imagine this inside your gut);
*Processed Foods (there is no reliable in the market. The four white poisons: gluten, milk, sugar, salt excess);
*Natural Foods/Liquid Modified (An example: Cow's milk is one of the worst evils to the person... First of all cows eat modified material. The Vaccines used to cows go into their bloodstream and then produce milk. The cow's milk causes cancer, eating disorders, contribute to heart disease, it's linked with asthma, bronchitis.. The list does not stop here. Even if the person has lactose tolerance. Only 30% of all Calcium the human organism absorbs. A human being who takes cow's milk thinks he/she has strong bones, but the effect is the opposite.. The person is liable to have a bone fracture. Nobody needs that much Calcium as well as the media/mainstream says. I've seen an exemple of person is unable to close her hand completely due the cause ingestion of so much Calcium, petrified the hand of this woman. The human being isnt prepared to drinking milk from animals, but soy milk is advisable).
*People need to use 'EYE DROP DIET FOR FAT EYES' (I mean: People need to learn how to have a Healthful Diet). People still don't realize that a Healthy Life can be much more satisfactory than a sickly life. Realize that it all contruibue to make people stupid, sick and the government to take advantage of it all.
-> The healthy foods are organic foods. <-

Present/Future Story about Food-Businesses:

He: Can I open a restaurant to serve organic food?
Government: Hell NO! Only Mc Donalds.
He: What about Burger King?
Gov: Hell NO!! The smaller company must be broken down before it takes a bigger place. The biggest company should always keep in top of the businesses.
He: How long do you want me to live?
Gov: You'all must die before me.
He: Hell NO BASTARD!! We gonna take our real food back. This can't be considered a crime, because the soil is for everyone as well as the Sun.
Gov: We are loaded with salt, if you take my soil your soil will never again produce.
He: We won't allow this. This scene will change.
Gov: If you reign over it you will surely die.
He: We do.
Gov: Rust in peace. Good night. (BAAW! BAAAW!!)
Late He: (He died, but the FEELING ISN'T DEAD. The revolution is still in progress. A human being can never kill the human spirit, 'cause THE HUMAN SPIRIT CAN'T DIE!).

Everywhere you go in this world there's an unstoppable war cry. There're causes that are worth fighting for, and others causes do not. I fight for what is mine; I fight for the oppressed people; I fight for the slaves of the system; I fight for new ideas to make it all better.

4EVER FIGHTING/FOCUSING ON: 1° HUMAN CAUSES/2° ANIMAL CAUSES/3° NATURE CAUSES: Sometimes human beings doesn't need as much attention as some living being defenseless like a tree, puppy... But the mainstream cant focus on animals bathing while people need a lot of help in places that were struck by earthquakes. We are Guardians, but we will not let humans die because of animals. A human being can sometimes be worse than an animal, but the whole life of comfort was shaped to humans (we have goals, not instinct, for our lives). I mean: I see no reason for a human judge another one without any balance of perfect justice.

The Ultimate Reality #Brain Use:
The longevity human life diminishes each time the scientist develops new technologies. The robots have become a plague to ruin our minds that need to be trained to think because we ''have unlearned basic things''.. But how to do this if people nowadays are so lazy that they cant even think for themselves??? The computer needs to think for them then??

Besides the fact that everything in this world is used both for good and for evil.. And the great mass of people end up being infected by a virus that is developed in a laboratory and the only ones that have healing powers/the cure of this are the superior minds and the superior powers.

The Ultimate Reality #Division Society:
The lame society is made up of judgments, trendy, routines, useless laws(closed-minds), parasites, selfishness, individualism, hypocrisy, divisions... A plague that will soon be exterminated. 100.000.000 or It doesnt matter. It shall be burned.

They speak half-truths to me and try to persuade me day after day speaking: ''buy it, buy that,'' or, ''you need that, you need it cause everybody is using it.''

Individualism reigns over the world. Nobody cares about anything nowadays. Now everyone has the freedom to do what wants to and no one cares about the forgotten ones by society. It's... They never did it. This divides the nations, people. Our limited strength being divided in a half because of this shiet of individualistic thinking. This is the Age of Aquarius (free thought/individualistic attitudes). So.. Right or left? What is your choice? One day you will have to choose. People are dying while you are choosing.

The Ultimate Reality #Human Powers:
I'll never understand:
People and their words are not consistent with their attitudes...
People say: PEACE! But make WAR!

Go seeking for a perfect human government is a delusion. Never seen any human gov gain power over death. Never seen any human gov to create some perfect law. I never saw a human being gov to deal with all the problems. They dont care about us. So.. Tell me: How we will respect someone who doesn't respect us?

Never have seen or heard about a human government as durable that can handle with all the problems perfectly, because of that I know we will never get some perfect government, BUT I know that THEY CAN DRUGGING US to think that WE ARE LIVING IN THIS PARADISE in the care of a human government that provides peace and security...Do you wanna be connected to this type of mind control? The governments only care if their bellies are full and their power is enough to stifle the furious and powerful voice of the high mass of people. I've seen many people dying while they were having fun. There's no way, they will try to kill you while you sleep. They kill who you are (by attacking your personal state: destroying your morals, humiliating you, making you suffer), taking off your self-esteem, flinging your confidence to subzero, breaking all your Hopes for a better day and grabbing the debris left over from you throwing for the dogs-rullers in the form of food. They think that the days of slavery were forgotten. They think that the precious blood of innocent/faithful people were forgotten. We dont forget. The revenge against everything that corrupts never been as close as now. Revenge will not end anytime soon. Just... Remember one thing: YOU ARE FREE!

<<<<<<< THE FREEDOM >>>>>>>

I cant decide anything for anyone. I want the people to decide with the heart using the brain. Because we are free. You are free. Look it: Even in a paradise you're not required to live unless you want to live. The free spirit should rule together with the conscience trained to balance it. That's The Freedom Mentality.

''I CAN'T trust on systems failed, corrupted, either in transformed lies into truths.''

No matter how much they try to hide the light. No matter how much they try to hide the evidence. This will all be revealed to all eyes. Never forget that you're free and more powerful than you think. Im with you, no matter what happens. There are many needy people who are forgotten by society. Lets Change it! Come and feed the people.

The Quantum students became part of the evolution. You are all invited to join us! Let's start using our brains, for here is where ''the student'' teaches, and ''the teacher'' learns there. I'm enthusiastic about this science that allows us to see more possibilities then increasing our horizons, wiping our views, making things happen.. Here it is. I think you have realized that I'm a big fan of it all :D:d

STEP BY STEP: ''Teachers must master patience for using it constantly.''

People are tired of this fuckin shit. We have a strong and loong root. Nevertheless we are tired the lack of respect from authorities. Sick of being slaves. If they are stars authorities, Im destroying these stars.

''Here you hear everyone screaming: Health and quality of life!''

Indeed, Its all for people. No matter where you live, no matter your race, no matter if you're rich or poor. Together we can do anything. Everywhere you go there will be always someone with that feeling. Can you feel that?

''Without complaining. Lets start from scratch.
Everybody sez 'Hi' to the next BIG future.''

We dont need be afraid to hurt us for something we Love. We can be stronger than we think. Alone never, but together its a powerful thunder. Yea, everybody together in one voice: People Voice!


Ohh man, I got carried away agaiN ;p

||So... Do you love me or hate me?

Surprise! (Special ConteNt)

The Stars Authorities: They are in many top places around us. They retain the power of the stars only for their own selfish-heart desires. They think that people can be replaced as easy as something disposable. They live life to try to dominate other people out instead work together. They will do everything to try to knock down all of us.

TV: Sea of Worries. Heart attack of despair.

Helping People: One of the most important work we can do.

Take your HOPE. Protect your thoughts about better days.

I really love these kids that even in the difficulties they are still smiling... People that even in difficult times they are trying to smile. Sometimes people try so hard to smile, but they cant because of the heavy burden. But I understand :)

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