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​[FULLBOX] $eries 4 of HHH: Dreamers (The Eternal Dreamer)

Especially dedicated and inspired by: Some people over this forum and around the Universe.. No matter which MBTI type you present yourself! No matter if you are more thinking than feeling! Never mind the flesh! Since you have the ability to dream you are defined as a part of us! Calling all kinds of dreamers to create the biggest dream of the history. You have to know that every word herein is coming from my sincere soul. Just read my words, just feel me. Dreamers - I love you all! :proud::happy::proud:


__/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ THE ETERNAL DяEAMER _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/

(D); Eternal Dreamer: Make it Real in Lucid Dream Wing Extremist.

It's time to wake up Eternal Dreamer!!! -They say.
Look around you all you see isn't an illusion.
They(Who?) try to make you a simple puppet.
Don't worry the balance is on your side: -The Encyclopedia of N
ightmare Kaozing Pain is Real- VS +The Infinite Dream Applied with Love is Forever+
Live the life:
Feet on the ground, Head in the clouds.

я); Eternal Dreamer: Be A Full Realistha Concrete Person in Life.

I know your ways. I know how it feels to be an optimist infallible.
Other people cant be happy as much as a Dreamer, only you.
Coz you have this connection with The Mental Paradise.
Can you listen that song? YEA?
Then you're everything!
People wanna be a bit of everything... What a Lucky-Maker you are.

(E); Eternal Dreamer: Be A Confident in Yoself.

The best words haven't been said.. The best things haven't been done because its not the work of your hands.
Keep using your vision to expand the form of answers. You're an Actor.
YEAh, that's about The Possibilities Vision,
And Conservationists trying to use an anti-hope skeleton key to lock down the door of your amazing imagination.
They know they will never be able to kill your shielded thoughts. GREAT thoughts forged through your freedom.
It's impossible to break these living chains.

(A); Eternal Dreamer: No Matter How Long it Takes... I Will Tell You Are Special Till You Understand It.

Never worried about the wounds, but the easier situations has become the most difficult. This happens all the time.
The burden of pain that you carry from the day of your birth shows how strong you are. It's your mark. Only the chosen ones got this killing kind of Melancholy. Your directions are confusing; Your world is unique, but you're not alone. Nop, you don't understand now, because you need to help somebody to realize it. Why would u give up while Im still breating? The current situation is insane, you must got a soldier heart. Can the wings grow back? Our kind can be cured? Where there's happiness in this whole darkness? Im sorry, but perfect words are not spoken.

(M); Eternal Dreamer: Be A Cholerical TittaN in Personality.

You believed, you evolved and then you accomplished the task.
But don't wait too long. Young dreamer don't wait until your 25 y/o to act.
You got a lot of energy, use it while you have it. I don't want your legacy to be only part of an abstract world. I don't want to hear your lamentations in the future. Please don't suffer alone in the darkness,
Cause you know that the pursuit of Pure Darkness isn't something tangible, even for you, Headstrong.

(E); Eternal Dreamer: Have Some Luv Inside Your Heart.

By my side... You will never be rejected for being yourself. -Freedom of the unstoppable heart in love state.

Even though my memory may be destroyed someday, I know exactly what I'll still remember.. No doubt about what I feel. No doubt about what I'll remember. Ohh yea, Things we love... Everything else may be wrong, but that.. that doesn't.

This goes against all damn-people-idea who say that you will never get anything done in your life. Its for you, Dreamers:

''Im trying show you exactly how I hold my way.
and I let you know why w/out mystery
They don't do more than say
You and I gotta something to show em on way.
The name is LOVE.''

(R); Dreaming 24/7 - This is How To Cause Overdose Without Drugs.

I would like to create a spiritual world of real happiness, joy, familiar faces smiling.. and give the keys to people who need peace over this mad world. Everyone who heard this sound has the key to find it. I know it sounds too perfect for reality, but I think it can be true someday... Some better day in the future, I do believe in blue skies, and you? In my heart I feel it. A world where the people are =, not + or - than any other, but the dreamers are the kings and everybody there are dreamers.
You haven't realized that the dreamers are the ones that dominate the downtown. Still don't understand how we can predict the future?

Ohhh man. I got a speciale feelin' about dreams. :shocked::laughing::laughing:

I always laugh so hard when someone tells me a joke like: ''You can not do this!'' People are so graceful. hehe :laughing:

Dream-a-whoay in the flesh here! There're no boundaries for us. We possess the future is our domain name. We got poison to suit every taste :kitteh:

Lemmee share some exp:
It's true that when dreamers are in the spiritual crisis become negative ones in the heart, but we are a very positive aura. We are optimists infallible.. Because we dont give up on the first call to die. Life is something fascinating to people who can see beyond the common sense.

We know that we wanna live after the first call to die. If you decide to live after a deep sadness then surely you will live again.

Lemme make you a believer:
The death looked at us and then ran from us. It knows we're stronger than death and such.
Ehgg.. We have no time to argue over what we can or can't do. 'Nothing' is just a stupid word. :bored:

There're so very kinds of Dreamers.
See that Social Wh0re Version
of DяEAMER Edition(that's tooooxic!!)

''Yeah man... I got REAL friends everywhere I go..
...So many friends around this world
I can fly or swim to reach them

This is like living around family, living in harmony.

My friends, I got news for you! No one has replaced your place! Oh sorry, I forgot that isn't news.

My fellas, I want the best of the best of the best for you all more than myself. Sorry for my solitute, you know I prefer the night in stormtimes. But relaaax I haven't forgotten any of you. I'll be there when you need...
Do u wanna join the brotherhood? Come and get it! U R Very Welcome!!''

DяEAMER Edition: From da lvl 1-to-X.X Idealists 'n' Visionaries Version

We are kinda lost/
We are like da Water\
We are like da fuckin Warlock Wizarding/
We are complete like every human being but
We can go deeper than common sense/
We are not heroes but
We must save every person!
Our journey is an eternal way.
We are off from the mainstream.
Threatening to kill me if I keep doing my thing or make me suffer for not stopping the business doesn't work, they have tried it many times before... This is bullshiet brotah. I will keep it 'till the very ending

I don't want to know if things will change or not, cause I'll be at peace-place with myself anyway.
I'll look for a better day, that is what I do every day. Low-Vision Outsiders don't know it. Blind faking Deaf will never understand it.

яEAMER Edition: The Dream of Love & Happiness Version

I was watching feathers fall from the Heavens. Can I have it too?
Its clear that everyone wants a piece from the heavens. But I just want it more.

Every day in the morning you have something important to show, something important to choose: 2 Be a happy person, or 2 be a sad person. If you choose to 'be happy' then if someone hit you with a bullet, you'll still be happy
.. Know why? because you chose to be happy. I learned that from you maja :) ''100 years of life? its one short life to worry about small business!''

Make a difference here is the subject to be happy.

In my dreams I see
In my mind I know

Why dont you recognize my face? beneath this darkness, you know that I'm still here..
your lil-dreama ^^ YEah its me
Can't you look inside my heart?
My eyes sparkle when I talk about you, my heart isn't the same anymore. :blushed:

яEAMER Edition: Eccentryc newone shiet ecstasyc vVversion

Get it: Luck flows for us.
Learn it: Everything can be viewed under the law of love.
Not the kind of coward love, but the willing love.
Take it: Some have lost something, but there's nothing we can't handle.
See it: When the beotches of life come We are too dreamy to give up. Everything becomes easy when everything is possible, proud-head here!
Respect it: Our Intuition for the future is our divining and blessed semeen.
I know its kinda Bizzarre but
We are true.

OeEEEEeEEeeEe Dreamerzz.... Sometimes fall in suffer for insan3-aspirations. For people who dont believe... No matter how hard you try to cut our wings. Let's do what we do best. See it happen gradually

Can you see that?

C'mon bby the time is righttt. Hit the Sun and revels the secrets of the Moon.. Im dry, but somebody is full of desire.. f.u.c.k it, I can see it. So..Lets get our Aspirations and re-make the Earth all over again. Kiss my h**** and say good bye. ALRIGHT!! Now you can die!

яEAMER Edition:
Livin on' light V

''The Light is building us.
Each part of us with a secret key.

That dreamer is completely brainless

The freedom is strangling every day
Changing him for one last time
But they don't let that dreamer fall

Livin on' light

There's some reason
Never fall asleep''



Cant take people seriously when they say: You're nothing. You can't do something. You cant tell/make it cause you don't got this powa. When people abuse of me I say: Do I look like my names is Jesus? NO. Let's get on with it then!

A so very wise zebra once said: "It ain't easy being black and white."

So.. I say: the martyrs are 99.9% indestructible. Dreamers you should be proud of yourself, and not trying to be somebody else. Can you fool yourself?

The freedom to choose is necessary no matter where (Even in the animal kingdom).. Poor caged Birds or Onças shaped to fur coat. Even the animals scream for freedom. Maybe one day they learn what must be done.. It's easier for a snake with wings huh :/
I don't wanna see the blood on the flow of these cool creatures... There're alot of corruption in the administration. Sick world, the robotic followers suffer from it without them realizing others introduce the poison :/ I'm stuck..Im stuck because I'm anchored in this World. Am stuck in this society that tries to burn The Blue Jewel of The Universe. Earth is where we must live, the blind can't understand the vision. They just want a solution to the problem that they cant win. I'm not a chained marionette. The nature vomiting pain and nobody sees. I want a piece of Real Freedom. I won't die in this mentality of this false reality of freedom. Among the 4 walls of this world is the gate to hell, this Illusion. for me this became disillusion. They can't handle, but people tend to cheat. It get in my nerves runnin' blood in my eyes. Ohh yea, just don't lose your faith, please. Just let your shaker part rock your body and you will find what you want:
Be FREE Fenrir - Everything starts from the moment you open your eyes and listen that ''song''.

The Dreamchasing(INFPness) with evolution to The Ultimat3 Reallistha(ISTJness) writing down to yourself right here - Making the dreams come true! Follow me, together we will do it for world go round again. The universe is our stage. So... You gonna shine forever Eternal Dreama?

Can you understand that looong text?

Congrats, you become a smart dreamer!
Come, take this map and eat your vegetables.
The (ALL) colorful words hold some kind of magic inside them, check it and makes your life more magical!].

Message for you who are going through hard times:

''I know that things are not always innate about your smiles, your fury, your sunless days... and nights, walking in circles.But inside your heart kept in a green sadness that people can't see with their eyes.
Happiness doesn't come from things you have.
Comes from inside, comes from who you are.

Be strong!!''

and don't forget... Always say
This DяEAM'S NOT OVER yet.

Please share your thoughts with me about this, dreams, dreamers, nightmares....
I hope this has helped someone looking to see something from another point of view. Thanks for reading this, anyway.
Peace Yall!:happy:

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