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Ok so this is kind of a crazy theory but I've noticed a strange behavior from some people including myself. I'm an INTP so I'll use that type as an example. INTP's functions are (in order) Ti, Ne, Si, Fe. Now every so often (usually when I'm interacting with someone who has strong Fe) I'll revert to an Fe-Ne loop, swapping Fe in place of Ti as my dom. This usually doesn't last long but if I make a conscious effort to hold my Fe dominant it can last longer. Now here's the weird part: being a Ti dom normally I have a natural tendency to use introverted judging, so when I have Fe as my dom temporarily it almost feels like it morphs into Fi very briefly, It's like I'm instantly an INFP for a couple seconds after which either my Ti or Fe takes over dom again. Does this seem like a possible thing that happens? lol, or am I just over analyzing the way my Fe works?

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In theory there is nothing that stops you from using Fi as an INTP.
Except that it seems pointless from your POV.
Who has the motivation to stick with something that is pointless?
For each step the burden will seem bigger and bigger.
The wall in conciousness against a such competing perspective is almost complete.
Lets face it as an INTP building a system of values FROM SCRATCH is no laughing matter.
You have no prior reference point, you start out almost where a Fi dom started as a child.
Your mind can only face feeling comfortably if it is rooted in an object out there.
Just as I can only face thinking comfortabley if it is rooted in an object out there.
Objective fucntions begins and ends with the object, subjective functions begins and ends with the subject.
They may jump around a bit, but it will always stay true to the source.
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