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Whoever I am.
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I have an app and I love to create.
I made these.

I would wear each of these in real life choosing to not care what people think of me and hoping no one interacts with me lol.

The first look.
Medieval bookie rebellious
( rebellious as in upsetting norms in society)

Second look.
Bad girl ( rebellious against norms)
Cool chick
That chick that doesn't say much but you want them to be your friend.

3rd one
Fantasy Masterpiece
The outfit symbolizes non conformist to society innovative.
The make up symbolizes art attack! ( not the show but the words bring that feeling of being attacked by art. In a good way)
She is a mix of gothic fantasy pastel vibes.
She makes her own box.
She is a new box. She is Unique.

What are your creations?
I'm a bit of a ISFP in the SENSE that I like to put details together to fit an overall idea I already have.
The attention to details I guess makes me a higher S?

I felt ISFPs might really appreciate these designs.
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