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So since summer '16 I've been working this job; it's a retail oriented job, and right away I've been the black sheep of the workplace.. A lot of people who work there are into drinking etc, and even then I just kinda focus on my work and keep to myself.

I'm extremely outgoing as far as speaking up for myself and talking with customers, and excel at this pretty easily..

This job isn't a good fit for me, which is why I have another job and only work a few hours/week here.. I started out working a lot here, but they slowly gave me less and less hours..

Anyways, I'm also really gentle, sensitive emotionally and genuine, but I'm also pretty confident in who I am; when I first started, I could tell some people thought I was manipulative and "fake-nice", or others (like my boss) thought I was a pushover and someone she could boss around..

Until she and I got in a small but heated argument; she wanted to exploit me by telling me to work later than I'm scheduled, and I wouldn't budge because I had to leave at that time..

I don't talk to anyone or treat anyone differently, whether they're a store manager or a stranger on the street, I treat everyone the same. I talk to people as human beings first and foremost, not this fake "hi, how are you?!" work appropriate conversation, etc..

Anyways, for the past year I have noticed the music in the store is pretty loud and distracting, and honestly stressful for me while working.. now this store I work at is a chain, and by chance I went into another one of the stores, and the music was background music, pleasant and inviting.. not overbearing like at my place..

So I then went into the back of the store where the stereo is kept, and it has all these presets with how loud everything should be; the intercom, the music etc.. and it has these little red stickers specifically placed to indicate where the volume should be at..

This is a set volume level that is for all the stores, meaning it should be the same at every store..

So for the past few months I've noticed that my boss has been putting the music volume above the red dot, meaning it's louder than it should be.. so I would walk in and immediately turn it down every single time, to the appropriate level.

She wrote a note next to the stereo that said something like "please do NOT touch the volume, it has to be at a set volume. thank you"

That was obviously because of me, but I continued turning it down everyday because it was so loud, and even then she was putting it above the corporate-recommended settings!

For like 6 months, I would always turn it down, and then a few hours later she'd turn it back up.. then we stopped working together for a while, and I'd work with assistant managers which was great; this went on for months without working with my boss.. until last night..

Her and I worked a full shift together, and of course I turned the volume down the second I walked in.. and at the end of the night, it's quiet and most employees have left, and she asks:

"have you been turning the music down?"

me: "yeah I did a little bit ago"

boss: "I thought you did, because I've been going back and having to change it back. You know you can't change the volume, it's supposed to be set on a certain volume, that's what the little red dots are for"

me: "Okay... I've just been to other stores and it's quieter than here.. and have noticed the volume above the red dot, so I turn it down"

her: "You can't touch it" *walks away*

HAHA, it was just really funny to me; because she had nothing to say; I don't care for "winning arguments" or being competitive/bitter, but I stand up for injustice and it's very hard to not speak out when I see it..

It's like she knew she was turning the volume up above the set limit, and it's like I caught her in her deceit (ha!) and she had nothing else to say.. I could potentially call corporate and complain about her doing this, haha.

It's like she tried to point out how I shouldn't be lowering the volume, but she was the one doing wrong all along; idk it was a funny moment, a little battle between us. I know she hates me to, but she always puts a fake "hello, thank you SO much" around me, which is so easy to see.
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