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Funny things you've heard today

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I come across a lot of funny people each day. Sometimes, the funniest part is, they don't know that they're being funny.

Some examples:

Me: Well, flatworms don't have respiratory systems, or circulatory systems, for that matter.
Girl in Class: Please stop talking to me about bugs or insects.

Another one:

Friend: Research shows that people with light colored eyes are more intelligent than people with dark colored eyes.
Me: I beg to differ.
Person nearby: Why don't you just say white people and black people?

Honestly, I'd prefer these people didn't bother to speak up at all, but then again, they amuse me, so why not?

Feel free to share your experiences. If your experiences aren't quite like this, but are funny all the same, feel free to share those too. And yeah, it doesn't have to be something you heard today. Doesn't really matter.
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In the INTP photo thread... s'damn crazy it just might work!
We need a Fireman calendar.
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"I am spartacus"
"No, this is Patrick!"
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Some charity is planning to turn homeless people into 4G hotspots.
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A.K.: "To gain immortality, you must kill everyone in the world."
Me: "alright, im game, how do we do this?"
E: "Do you think im a nihilist?"
R: "No, you are just an ass."
Male friend: So what'cha doin' this weekend?
Me: Nothing. Probably just relax.
Male friend: Oh yeah? What does that mean? Are you gonna do some ecstasy or something?
Female friend: What's ecstasy? Is that, like, a laxative or something?
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