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Game Moderator Administrative Procedures

Game Formats

Large Games - These are games of typically 14 or more players and can be of ANY setup type. Game moderators are allowed to sign up for one large game format at a time.

Small Games - These games require 13 or fewer players to run the setup. Game moderators are allowed to sign up for one small game format each at a time, eg one game in custom and one game in traditional. We have two queues to accommodate different setups for small games:

a) Custom Games - This queue is for small experimental, role madness, semi-open, or closed setups.

b) Open Traditional Games - These games are traditional or approved open setups. New players might find it easiest to begin their mafia experience by playing games in this queue.

Micro Games - These games are played in 24 hours or less. Date availability upon request.

Queue Mechanics

  1. Games will follow this order. Large, small custom, small traditional and will be overlapping, unless circumstances dictate otherwise; e.g. lack of players ect.The exact sequencing and pacing of the mafia game queue will be determined by the mafia forum moderators in consultation with the moderators who have games in the queue. Factors that may influence the timing and sequencing of games include the following:
    • How many games are currently active (unless special circumstances arise, no more than 2 games will be allowed to run at a time)
    • The availability of players (e.g., the mafia moderators may choose to have only one game run at a time during periods when there are not enough players available to fill multiple games)
    • The readiness of the games in the queue and the availability of the game moderators. It is the responsibility of the game moderators and the mafia forum moderators to keep track of where games are at in terms of readiness.
  2. Game moderators are expected to monitor their game’s position in the queue and notify the mafia forum moderators as soon as possible of any changes/impediments to their availability to run their game in the position it is at in the game queue. Game moderators should also inform the mafia forum moderators of any relevant changes to their game (e.g., type, theme, or size) after it has been submitted to the queue.
  3. Mafia forum moderators will periodically check in with game moderators regarding the readiness of their games and update the game queue with changes as necessary. Upon request, game moderators are expected provide any information regarding their as soon as possible to the forum moderators (e.g., regarding setup, co-moderators, availability, etc.)
  4. Mafia forum moderators will notify game moderators when it is time for them to post sign-ups for their game.
  5. Please ensure that your game is ready to be run when it reaches the top of the game queue. If your game is not ready by the time it has reached the top of the queue, it will be moved to the bottom of that queue. If your game is still not ready when it has reached the top of the queue a second time, then it will be removed from the game queue. Once a game has been removed from the queue, it will only be re-added after a complete setup description has been submitted and reviewed by the mafia forum moderators.

Game Moderator Requirements

  1. Game moderators are required to have played at least 4 games on this forum before requesting to moderate a game.
  2. New game moderators need to co-moderate at least one game with an experienced moderator AND have an experienced moderator co-moderating their debut game. If the debut game is a small/traditional one, the co-mod requirement for that game may be waived.this is sub-forum mods discretion.
  3. All moderators must have their game reviewed. Please see game review thread.
  4. Offsite game moderating experience will be taken into consideration in applying requirements #2 and #3 above. If you feel that you have offsite moderating experience that should be considered, please inform the forum moderators and be ready to provide supporting information if requested.

Submitting A Game

Game moderators who have fulfilled the moderating requirements may have their games added to the queue if they submit the following information to mafia moderator(s) through the PM system and if their games are approved:

Game: (Name)

Moderator(s): (Moderator and Co-moderator(s)

Theme: (not required)

Setup type: (Traditional, Custom, Role Madness, Experimental, Bastard)

  • Traditional - a game without custom/unique roles and a limited number of power roles.
  • Custom - a game with either (or both) custom/unique roles or an increased number of power roles.
  • Role Madness - a game where all, or nearly all, players have roles. Roles may include custom roles designed by the game moderator.
  • Experimental - a game with nonstandard mechanics for lynches, night abilities, or communication.
  • Bastard - a game with nonstandard mechanics that are either completely undisclosed or contrary to what is indicated by the moderator.

Roleset: (Open/Semi-open/Closed)

  • Open - All roles are provided in advance. Note: for games submitted to the Small Open game queue, please provide a complete list of roles and/or a link to the setup description (if it is a setup that has previously been run at PerC or another site, e.g., MafiaScum) at the time of submission
  • Semi-open - All potential roles are revealed, or some included roles are provided in advance.
  • Closed - No information about roles is provided.

Queue: (Large, Custom Mini, Open Mini, or Micro)

#Players: (may be approximate as long as it meets size requirements of desired queue)

(for Micro Games only) Date and approximate starting time and time zone

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