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Hi, this is my first (public) attempt at typing characters. I'll go with MBTI and Enneagram tritype.
I haven't read all pages in this huge thread, but i'd appreciate any comment so I can improve my grasp on both systems.
This is based on the books (i am currently reading A Feast For Crows)

Tywin Lannister : INTJ 583 - no doubt about him being introverted and a TJ. He's got strong 5 and 8 components

Cersei Lannister : ENTJ 683 - not quite sure about her being extraverted... i have doubts about intuition as well... No doubt about TJ, like father like daughter. Not sure if she's a core 6 or 8.

Jaime Lannister : ESTP 386 - T or F ? not sure... The rest is pretty obvious. His tritype though ? The 3 component is obvious, but I couldn't make my mind on his mental type : 6 or 7 ?

Tyrion Lannister : ENTP 741 - prototypical ENTP. I see him as a core 7, not sure about his other centers...

Eddard Stark : ISTJ 163 - wasn't sure about him being J or P but that sense of justice he has, that's the perfectionist personified, so J makes more sense IMO. Not sure about his heart type though.

Catelyn Stark : ISFJ 612 - sure enough a core 6, overwhelmingly phobic

Robb Stark : ESTJ 316 - difficult to type in the books... i'm quite sure about ES but he doesn't strike me as TJ... could be different. I see alot of 3 in his tritype, and he gets the 1 and 6 from his parents.

Sansa Stark : ESFJ 269 - Can't really guess her tritype. I see some 6 for sure. Heart center, she could be 2 (emphasis on courtesies, but is it really her own volition?) or 4 (fascination with songs and the perfect imaginary knight)

Bran Stark : INFP 451 - Like Jon Snow, I have trouble typing Bran...

Robert Baratheon : ESTP 739 - 9 as his gut type feels strange, but from book #1 he looks that way, he makes decisions so that Cersei stops busting his balls, his sense of justice would be lacking for an 8 or 1.

Stannis Baratheon : ISTJ 163 - man he's so similar to my wife, that's frightening... down to the teeth-grinding habit... hope she doesn't end up burning our daughter alive.

Renly Baratheon : ENFP 379 - same tritype archetype as Robert feels strange... he isn't prominently featured in the books though.

Davos Seaworth : ESFJ 962 - not sure about his core Enneagram type... but all three elements appear at some point in his POV chapters.

Varys : INTP 592 - accumulating knowledge from his little birds... for a peaceful world...

Littlefinger : ENTJ 359 - His 3 core type is so obvious in the books when he mentions his upbringing and drive to achieve ! I wonder about his gut type, I went with 9 by default because I couldn't see him 1 or 8, but...

Sandor Clegane : ESTP 684 - so counter-phobic ! Heart type, I couldn't tell... No 3, he doesn't care about achievements. No 2, he doesn't want to be liked. 4 though... he's reactive and is "disappointed" in the reality of knighthood compared to what it should be. May be a 1 thing though.

Gregor Clegane : ESTJ 873 - this is one-dimensional as can be...

Sam Tarly : INFP 459 - just after the triple assertive, here's the triple withdrawn !

Rhaegar Targaryen : INFP 469 - the closest to me in the whole Ice & Fire universe. He's a 4w3 as opposed to Sam's 4w5. He gets mentioned a lot in the books for someone who's already dead.

I can't seem to type Daenerys nor Jon Snow... They get typed as INFJ a lot, and I don't know any real-life INFJ so maybe this is why.
Let's see :

Daenerys has a strong 4 element. She needs counsel, does not seek knowledge or excitement, so that would be 6. And she has a Gandhi-like vision of how the world should be... Is that 1 ?
She's introverted, that's obvious. She relies on feelings a lot more than on thinking. Does she have intuition ? I'd say so. Is she P or J ? If only for the first book, I'd say P, but as the story progresses, she's becoming more and more J.

Jon though ? He's got Se, rather strongly. He's got some Fe, but that's not his best asset. He's a perceiving type. Other than that I can't call it, he's a really complex character.

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I just realized I posted this video on some other places on this forum, but it really belongs here. Enjoy, fans of the Hound, and tell me he doesn't sound like type 6 after this! :happy:


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Tyrion Lannister: ENTJ > ENTP as he seems Te-Fi.
Jamie Lannister: more ESTP in earlier seasons and more ESFP in later seasons. Overall I call ESFP.
Cersei Lannister: some unhealthy Gamma type.
Tywin: most likely some NTJ, but possibly STJ.

The Lannister family is very Se, with Tommen (and possibly his sister) being the only Si user.

Daenerys: ISFP or INFJ or possibly INTJ, as she is very Ni-Se. I think she is written to be Fi, but the actress seems Fe.
Her brother: unhealthy ENFJ.

Jon Snow: Hard to type. My best guess is Fi-Se user, so ISFP or INTJ.
Sansa Stark: Find her also hard to type. Some sort of SF is my best guess.
Arya Stark: ISFP, she uses Fi a lot, but hardly ever Ti.
The Hound: ISFP

Ramsey Bolton: unhealthy ESTP or ESFP
Joffrey Baratheon: ditto

ENTJ 7w8 sx/so
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How's the final season going? I don't have HBO or cable for that matter and I don't to pirate episodes.

Also, good Daenrys is INFP. When she starts to turn bad is when she takes on more negative INFJ characteristics.

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Arya is smart, tough, and strong and has a strong independent streak, and you cannot turn her away from a task that she has set her mind to.
Neither she accepted to be bullied by others not she let others be, no matter how powerful push her around.

Daenerys is strong, persistent, inquisitive, and quietly and intensely determined. After the death of her parents, she suffered for years and an extended time being also treated cruelly by her brother.
Renly was established to have an extremely strained relationship with his two brothers, Robert and Stannis. The long-ridiculed youngest brother, originally Renly, saw no hope of ever becoming king as there were too many heirs with claims better than his for the Iron Throne.

Bran, strong, resilient, and curious man. When he decided to explore a forbidden castle, his life changes forever. Then he has no choice but to continue to explore the strange, supernatural consequences of that decision he made once.
Bronn is sarcastic and has and a pragmatic, amoral philosophy for life. He enjoys mocking others, as shown when he and Meryn Trant traded insults to the point of fighting.

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Ned: ISTJ + 6so ([Enneagram Type 6] - Social Sixes (according to Beatrice...)
Cat: xSFJ
Robb: ESTJ
Jon: ISFP + 4sp ([Enneagram Type 4] - Self-Preservation Four description...)
Sansa: ISFJ + 9
Arya: ESFP
Bran: INFP

Tywin: ENTJ
Tyrion: ENTP + 7
Jaime: ESTP
Cersei: ESFJ + 6sx ([Enneagram Type 6] - Sexual Sixes (according to Beatrice...)

Olenna: ENTJ
Margeary: ENFJ + 2
Loras: ESFP

Theon: ESFP + 4sx ([Enneagram Type 4] - Sexual Four description (according...)
Yara: ESTP

Sam: INFP + 6sp ([Enneagram Type 6] - Self-Preservation Sixes (according...)
Alliser Thorne: ESTJ
Mance Rayder: ENxJ
Ygritte: ESFP
Osha: ISTP
Gilly: ISFP

Robert: ESTP + 8
Littlefinger: INTJ + 3
Varys: INFJ
The Hound: ISTP
Bronn: ESTP
Barristan: ISTJ
Qyburn: INTP

Stannis: ISTJ + 1
Melisandre: ENFJ
Davos: ISTJ
Shireen: INFP

Daenerys: ENFJ + 1sx ([Enneagram Type 1] - Sexual Ones (according to Beatrice...)
Jorah: ISFJ
Khal Drogo: ESTP

Lysa Arryn: ESFJ + 2sx ([Enneagram Type 2] - Sexual Twos (according to Beatrice...)
Brienne: ISTJ
Oberyn: ESTP
Roose Bolton: INTJ
Brynden Tully: ESTJ
Jojen: INFJ
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