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I've seen a lot of lists and guesses at individuals characters across the web, and I have yet to find one that I even half-agree with. Let's have some fun.

Here's my shot at it:

Eddard & Robb Stark: ISFJ -- Bound by honor and tradition; not so great with the logical decisions.
Jon Snow: INFP/ISFP -- Jon's often made fun of for being broody, and unfortunately, so are these types.
Catelyn Stark: ESFJ -- Also bound by honor and tradition, but more assertive and aggressive than Ned or Robb. Also, obviously enough, very family-centric.
Sansa Stark: ISFP -- Very concerned with her own feelings and has trouble latching on to new ideas, which are known traits for undeveloped ISFPs.
Arya Stark: ISTP -- She wants to do what she wants to do, tradition be damned.
Bran Stark: Honestly, I haven't given him much thought. My best guess is INFP.
Rickon Stark: We know nothing about Rickon, but I'm going to say that he's an ENTJ and that he's going to come back around with his strategic prowess and raise Cain on everyone who crossed his family. Hey, it's a possibility.
Lyanna Stark: ESTP -- Arya is often compared to Lyanna, but I see Lyanna as being more extroverted.
Brandon Stark: ESTP/ESTJ -- Not really an argument behind this one. Just my best guesses.
Benjen Stark: ISTJ. Again, just my best guess. Duty oriented, but obviously not as family-oriented as Ned.

Tywin Lannister: ENTJ. This is one of the few typings that I see consistently across the Internet that I agree with. I guess it goes without saying why Tywin is an ENTJ.
Jaime Lannister: ESTP. As much as I want Jaime to be a fellow N, he lives too much in the physical world. He mentions "going away inside" as a coping mechanism, but the fact that he only uses it for that purpose tells me that he's not an N.
Cersei Lannister: ESTJ. A lot of people type her as an F, but I firmly disagree. She's isn't the least bit concerned with the feelings of others (even a batshit crazy Fe-user would be); almost all of her decisions are cold and are primarily concerned with her getting her own way. Her being an ESTJ would also explain why she likens herself to Tywin so much.
Tyrion Lannister: ENTP -- Again, a common typing that I agree with. No need to make an argument here.

Daenerys Targaryen: INFJ/INFP -- This all boils down to whether she' Fe or Fi centric, and I honestly have a difficult time telling with her. George RR. Martin is an INFP, so it's possible that she's just an INFJ character with strong P influences.
Rhaegar Targaryen: INFJ -- Albeit an unhealthy one. He was obsessed with his big picture, the "Song of Ice and Fire" prophecy, and it became the main drive behind most of his actions.

Olenna Tyrell: INTJ -- The woman doesn't really bother with having a filter and is very clearly out to get what she wants. On top of that, she's a brilliant strategist.
Margaery Tyrell: ENFJ -- She seems to be the most bothered when something is disrupting group harmony (Fe), and she at least acts like she has a pull toward charitable causes. She's excellent at manipulating others and winning them over with her charm. Over all, she wants what's best for everyone.

Oberyn Martell: ESFJ/ESFP -- His partying antics and unconventional ways make me think ESFP, but making Elia's vengeance such a huge focus for him tells me ESFJ. Not too sure about this one.
Doran Martell: INFP? Best guess.

Barristan Selmy: ISTJ -- Very dutiful, but obviously logic-bound enough to keep him alive after all of these years.
Jorah Mormont: ISTP? He doesn't care so much for conventional morality, which is usually where he and Selmy conflict.
Daario Naharis: ESTP -- A daredevil, doesn't care much for the rules, and is the chaotic foil to Dany's good.

Peter Baelish: ISTP -- A lot of people type Littlefinger as an INTJ, but he'd be more big picture centric if that was the case. He's clearly the most concerned with fulfilling his own desires and playing out his power fantasies. Also, him being an ISTP would explain his strong attraction to Catelyn Stark. If he was an INTJ, he probably wouldn't have cared much for her, or he at least wouldn't have let her become such a big focus in his adult life.
Varys: INFJ -- "I serve the realm, someone has to." Again, he's frequently typed as an INTJ, but his whole mission and a lot of his actions are Fe-centric. He'll often sign on to causes simply because he wants to do right by someone (like trying to send Sansa to the Reach as a nod to Ned Stark). Also, he's excellent at emotional manipulation, something an INTJ would have a harder time with.

Thoughts? Ideas? Let's do this.

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I see arya as ISFP more. She's young so her badassness is just a childish exploration. Hell, I, a risk avoiding INFP was badass as a kid and wanted to conquer everything and everyone. But she has a deeply personal and emotional Rebellious drive. She's always seemed more temperamentally or emotionally independent rather than logical exploration. She said "getting married, being a good princess" is not her, and went straight to practicing her "dancing".

Also, I see Si and Ne in Sansa a lot. Her sort of a dutiful dream of being a princess. Though NFP seems strange, but I would like to hear more reasoning for her being a Se user.
Really I'm open for discussing this :)

Also, the way I see it, I my understanding of the functions us correct, we have 2 very obvious Judging characters and 2 very obvious perceiving types. Judgers would be Petyr Baekish and Daenerys and perceivers - Tyrion and Arya ( or actually Lord Varys might be a better example).

The specific judging types have sort if organized their whole life, their whole focus and drive is this one specific goal. Baekish us a manipulative strategist who creates situations in order to move forward on the road to his goal. He calculates what will get him there. So does Daenerys in a way, though, if she's INFJ, which I believe she is, she uses a group of followers to as a collective force get to the place where she is supposed to be. They both have a vision of where they or the situation has to be and they create opportunities for them to get there. Dang with her strategy of taking over armies and Baelish with his individual manipulation. Baelish sees people as facto rials in the process that can be either useful or not (Te?).
On the other hand, Tyrion and Varys have a certain code for themselves, seeing how stuff should be, what is correct and what isn't, but instead of creating the road to that stuff becoming true, they more seem to just flow with the situation, using whatever comes and sort of choosing the direction in which to go at those points based on what makes sense. They don't seem to have a specific vision, but rather an atmosphere and then in an exploratory way they use the moments at hand.
So does Arya, but she has a drive of revenge and she wants to get to Braavos. It's a goal, but it's not an ultimate vision of grand scale. Plus it's personally driven (Fi). So is Baelish actually (INTJ).

But btw, there's a big Game of Thrones discussion :D

INFJ 3w2 Sx/So
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Ah, okay. I looked on this forum for it, guessing that it'd be the right one, and didn't see it. Thanks!
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