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Game of Thrones Personality Types

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I think bran is debatable. Aemon targaryen is the classic intp but I just thought the bran picture was funnier so I put him up instead.

Edit: Jojen Reed may also be seen as another INTP
Bran's behavior was that of an INFP not INTP. It should also be noted that INTPs seem to be obsessed with sex since they think about pretty much everything and are prone to be realistic, cynical, pessimistic and real about everything. Whenever I tried to talk about sex with my INFP friend he would freak out and get all depressed as he usually does.

I actually can't think of any character in that series that would qualify as INTP. I find that odd considering how likely it is for the author/creator to be INTP.
I also don't want to give away any spoilers for the show watchers but bran's character is pretty dynamic and changes in the book Dance with Dragons
Varys INTJ - this guy has like a million secret plans all working behind the scenes

John Snow ISTJ

Sansa ESFJ?

Arya would be cool, shes one of my favorite characters.

Vary's side has not been disclosed yet its possible he is INTP or maybe ENTP at this point in the show he is just playing the game of manipulating, whispering the right words in the right ears at the right times preparing the realm for something.
The more I think about it the possible INTP, I think it could be Ayra, Varyus or Jojen Reed, leaning mostly towards Varyus because of his neutrality. And he doesn't really fit any other mtbi type.
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I see Ned as xSTJ he talks about not wanting to be in kingslanding so he could be introverted
and enjoyed keeping to himself at winterfell with his family
Ned sticks way too strictly to values, traditions and honor for him to be an NTP.
Varys is the rogue in game of thrones he is not a point of view makes him tough character
I will organize what I know about him and maybe someone can be more definitive on what they think he is.

-He has many strategies ie. lurking in a hidden tunnel listening in on someones conversation or whispering in someones ear
-He uses disguises
-He was born poor and got his balls chopped off
-He became a thief in one of the free cities he and a friend worked there way up to running the largest crime syndicate of thieves in that city pretty much controlling it.
-He respected Ned but did not appear to care too much when his head was chopped off.
-Employs many "little birds" to whisper secrets in his ear.
-Claims that he is protecting the realm.
-Highly intellegent
-Tyreon even fears saying the wrong thing or giving too much information around him so there conversations are always tactful.
-Does this guy have any friends?? lol
-Mysterious about his past except for the eunuch story that he tells.
-Lord Baeylish's rival?
-Knows every secret tunnel in the castle by heart and can navigate them in complete dark

Ok I put almost all I know about him without giving spoilers analyze away
What about Varyus being INFJ?
@Orchidion Id say your list is pretty accurate, I think John could be an ISTp
when he tells sam to bring him all the books that have to do with the whites, and he sits there for days researching trying to figure out how to best fight them

Edit: Sam also talks about walking into johns room and its filled with books and john isnt sleeping more than a few hours a night.
I cannot really see the Ti dom. On which occasions in the book did Jons behaviour evoke this very impression in you?
Did you even read all of the books?
I don't want to give anything away, but his decisions in the last books seem to show a lot of Ti in my opinion. I'm not gonna go through every one because that would be too tedious and i'm lazy.
Well this is a) circumstantial and b) too vague.
i think that since some of his decisions go against the normal thinkings of the nights watch thats what led me to ti

This is true, he is a very interesting character and I really like him a lot. I feel that him manning strongholds with wildlings was very bold and a very abstract concept. The decision to lend help to Stannis to retrieve his sister was his ultimate downfall. Keep in mind he never wanted to be the leader. His warg dreams also add another element to his mysterious personality that is undefinable. You are right he is probably too hard to place in any which category at this stage.

I am on the edge of my seat waiting for GRRM to finish Winds of Winter. My personal theory is that Bran is inside the giant that's why it was going crazy and will save John Snow but who knows.
Obviously I did, as you can easily derive from the persons I tried to type. (Some appear only in the later books)

Your argumentation does not convince me. You could cherry-pick and find examples of Jons behaviour suitable for every type. E.g. Ni. When they find the direwolves, Ned is like "this-does-not-mean-anything" whereas Jon think it has a deeper meaning and thinks they should take them. This could certainly be interpreted as Ni. Unfortunately you picked examples which are not that straightforward. I really cannot see Ti-dom.

As Jon is a 1) figure in a book, no real person, as well as 2) young and still developing, he does not display unambigous "symptoms" of a specific type.

Right now I do think INTJ is the most accurate, as he is rather Fi >Fe, Te > Ti, Ni > Ne and all in all introverted and more of an Intuitive. He tends to anticipate events, in form of Ni-typical hunches. Like: He saves Mance-jr, because he will perchance be burned, or the example with the direwolves. Many INTJ stereotypes do not pertain to him, like the self-confidence, yet the profile fits best, imo.
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