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in your own words describe all of the cognitive functions as you view them. thank you.
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what are cognitive functions? :mellow:
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Fi: I'm ignoring your rules, because I'm right. You're evil.
Fe: I will do as others want, because they're right. I'm evil.
Ti: I will argue forever about trivia, because I'm right. You're stupid.
Te. I will make you obey, because everyone knows you're stupid.
Si: I'll avoid change, because this worked last time.
Se: Oh, look at the sparklies!
Ni: I'll magically know, without any valid explanation.
Ne: Everything is symbolic. Yay for symbolic sparklies!

or maybe it's like this:

Fi: I know what's right.
Fe: We should care what's right according to an external source.
Ti: I know what's true.
Te: We should believe what's true according to an external source.
Si: I know what happened the last time. :-/
Se: I know what's going to happen this time! I blame these sparklies! :-D
Ni: I don't know why I know.
Ne: I know because it's all part of a pattern, and everything is interconnected. And yes, blame the sparklies while I explain how they are a microcosmic representation of something much more interesting than actual sparklies...
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Fi - Screw you guys. I know what matters.
Fe - I love you guys. That's all that matters.
Ti - *Philosophy* *Engineering*
Te - *Science* *Mathematics*
Ni - Eureka!
Ne - Whoa, man. Everything is so connected, know what I mean? Far out.
Si - I enjoy being in a rut. Leave me alone, you bastard.
Se - Whatever, let's have fun!
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Fi - "Liver agrees with heart on this one. Ugh... shut up spleen. Nobodypart cares!" *Napolean Dynamite voice*
Fe - *singing* "One Love, One Heart, Let's get together and feel all right!!!"
Ti - Technically speaking...
Te - Apple products
Ni - *lightbulb (with cool sound effect)*
Ne - "Wow, HDMI cables are the same as the nerves in our body! The better insulated they are, the better they conduct the signal!" *snortsnortcracklepop*
Si - [boy and girl out on a date]"Oh em gee, every other time we went out to eat you opened the door AND held my hand." *hmpf*
Se - The annoying children that cry to get their way in the supermarket.

This is how my mind processes the types. Silly, I know.
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Fi - Life's not fair, but let's show them
Fe - Be careful not to manipulate the shit out of people, even for the greater good..control yourself, dammit
Ti - Ooh let's explore the philosophical and inner worlds together!
Te - Let's plan to change the world someday
Ni - Hmmm you make me see what I should feel. And 'what should be'
Ne - Ooooo interconnected patterns and meanings
Si - Shut up
Se - Let's enjoy life!
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Ti - Easier to comprehend how mechanism A works
Te - Easier to comprehend how mechanism A reacts with mechanism B to make outcome C
Fi - Reacts to inner desires
Fe - Reacts to inner desires of other(or attempts to). As if the emotional responses it gives were programmed by genetics, it knows how to react to others and has no personal problem doing it(given it's someone who isn't hated).
Se - Experiences life in the simplest form of the meaning. You are where you are, you're doing what you're doing.
Si - Experiences the details and descriptions of life more highly instead of the experience itself.
Ne - Knows what it takes for things to happen. Understands different courses of action that differ in activity but can relate in a similar symbolic-like outcome that seems different but is the same basic situation with some variables changed. Works with the essence or groundwork of a plan to make for a different outcome instead of the details(Idklol).
Ni - Personal forecasting, relates action to time and works with details of a plan to change the outcome

These are just my thoughts but this is how I've thought about the functions
extroverted function > introverted function
and the > does mean "better than", that's my opinion at least
Although having something extroverted means having something else be introverted, so it evens out in different ways.

An extroverted function is like having a mastery of that area, where the way it's understood by the individual might change, but the use of it won't. Something like second nature. While an introverted function is more for personal use, it places the self in between the function and whatever activates the function.

Fi for example, how someone feels about something gets ran through their personal morals system before its use is decided.
While Fe wouldn't have anything personal about it, it recognizes the feelings and knows how to react(not that the person can't feel anything for the other person if it's like that) in a way that doesn't involve the self.

The Fi/Te Fe/Ti Se/Ni Si/Ne relationships react with each other in a certain way that sort've creates the functions differences. Like Fi/Te feels how he/she thinks and Fe/Ti thinks about how to feel -- I don't really want to explain it, idk how to either, just some stuff floating in my head.
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