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Gaming & Cognitive Functions Development.

Which functions do you guys think games develop?

List the genre of the game, the game itself & the function(s) you think you developed a bit when completed this certain game.

I will start with one I thoroughly enjoyed when I was thirteen. Fable.

Ni, Ne, Fi, Fe, Ti, Te, Si, Se.

If I had to go into detail about how this game would have developed functions. Well, technically, even Si could be developed as I recall it because I valued it enough to remember it well. Recalling past events.

Se would be well, seeing the object in front of you. Learning about your own controller might be a little unrelated, but you would want a bad-ass TV and stereo for the game you value the most, gaining motivation to get better quality items for that game that you desire to replay for nostalgia, etc. So more Si/Se with Ti/Te logic details?

But for in game. I'm going to try to stay on those details. Ni/Ne, intuition of both types would be used in a game, if you're an Ne user, you would use Ne a lot more than an Ni user, but doesn't that mean you still develop Ne as an Ni user and vice versa?

Would Ti be a really good function to develop through games? Inner logic of how you would like to play the game?

And Te, outer logic consistency is almost like group logic, yes? So you see something logical to do in game with Te, the most efficiency, with your Fi/Fe connected to it and seeing possibilities with Ni/Ne? Conscious or unconscious functions.

It's a matter of preference and what you use the most during the game, the things that help you make the choices you make.

Wouldn't all of this mean that every function is affected by one single game?

I would use my morals with Fe in Fable, but I would use Fi unconsciously, personal values. I would contemplate a lot of my choices with my first three functions, Ni, Fe, Ti, naturally so. And this brought me to desire the good side first, but I tried the bad side too, just to learn, observe, figure the system of the game out.

These things made me enjoy Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A lot. This game took me away from reality.

So as I write this, this kind of expresses how games aren't really useless, that you do learn about who you are by playing your favorite games. Even strategy conquer games, you learn mathematical strategies, organization of systems how to logically win with efficiency which is well placed with Te and Ti, right? Ni-Te(INTJ), Ni-Ti(INFJ), Ne-Ti(ENTP), Ne-Te(ENFP), Te-Ni(ENTJ. Ni-Ti(ENFJ), Ti-Ne(INTP), Ne-Te(INFP).

The types with the better idea of possibilities and logic, would naturally make you a good gamer, right?

Wouldn't this make NT's and NF's good gamers, but also related to IQ? I know ST's and SF's can be good gamers.

Some don't really play to win and just desire to enjoy the experience though. Not to say I don't play to enjoy the experience, but I mean just more often if it's a multiplayer shooter or something similar I try my best.

I wonder if it is a common P type thing to just go with the flow, no rush to complete the game?

Do you guys think feelings would help you win at a game sometimes?


I made this thread to see which games you thought would help your functions develop, to see which genre it was and which type you were.

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It seems nobody wanted to theorize about games and how it may help them.

I thought this would be a good thread to learn from.
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