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Warning: A long INTP's ramblings.

Okay, so for the last week or so I've really been obsessing over psychological gender differences, especially after realizing that (a half year after discovering MBTI) aren't all women supposed to be emotional (F) and men logical (T)?
Over generalization, naturally, and I have never been one for gender stereotypes (my mom is an INTJ), but after interacting with several very T women closer to my age who were defenitely still quite feminine, I set out to discover what the main differences actually are, and if they are related to type.

After reading the few articles there are on the subject I figured the biggest difference has got to be in social structures, which it is. Women's are very NF while Men's are quite ST on the surface, but those don't appear to be factors. So, without further ado, my shpeel on the most basic of (psychological) Gender differences.

Base Psychological Difference Between Genders

When performing an action, Men pull from the front, and Women push from behind. Psychologically, disregarding anything social or even a lot biologically different, that is it. It seems fairly small at first, but the results, especially in social hierarchies, are anything but.

Male groups, pulling the task along from the front, neatly and quickly self-organize so that the strongest/most capable is in front, followed by the next strongest, and so on until the weakest. Its advantages and disadvantages are one and the same: the biggest/most apparently competent guy is calling the shots, so stuff gets done, regardless if everyone behind him actually agrees.

Female groups are naturally the exact opposite, as usual. Female groups, with all members striving for the back most position, turning into swirling pools behind their task. This means communication and consensus are extremely important for female groups if anything is actually going to get done in an efficient manner. When consensus is reached, however, get out of the way.

The necessity for consensus and communication leads to almost all stereotypically feminine social behaviors. Lots of talking comes from the communication part, and passive-aggressive or underhanded comments or simply anything they say that means more than what it immediately seems all stem from the consensus part of not (overtly) singling someone out of the group.

Consensus results in a strange dichotomy in females: they are simultaneously far more group-oriented and far less trusting of others than males. Since females are rarely allowed to speak their mind plainly or risk breaking consensus, they must use a form of doublespeak, never saying even half of what they mean. Since they know that they themselves do this, they never take anything anyone says at face value, knowing that other females can't break consensus either. This leads to thought habits in women that just do not apply to men. They are often incapable of accepting something that was said at face value, leading to most of the communication errors between the genders.

Am I saying that cross-gender communication errors are all women's fault? Well, sort of. Men are capable of learning this doublespeak and adjusting accordingly, but it does take effort which men oftentimes fail to give or even realize is necessary.

So there you have it, the primary difference between genders and the basic implications of it. It's now up to us to learn about each other and bridge this gap to make something both unified and active, and altogether more beautiful.

So there's that. I didn't mention Type above, but according to my experience, Types do very much have a female and Male variant. I had the pleasure recently of meeting a fellow INTP who was female, and was definitely much more feminine the yours truly, even in her anti-authoritarianism. As above, I do not believe the masculine or feminine action method to be inferior or superior to each other, but to acheive true equality, we must acknowledge our difference and learn to use them together.

Thanks for Reading, and please let me know what you think!

TTYL, -SaberHawk
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