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Generation Z Poetry Thread

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Because everyone needs a poetry thread..

I look into the distance, is it true
Is it my imagination, is it you
I'm starting to believe I've gone insane
I think I'm going crazy
My reality's going hazy as we speak right now.
Am I alone
Am I speaking to the sky
Did I imagine you and I
Am I alone
I am alone and you're a figment of my mind.
I am alone, I am alone
I have no place to call my home
You were the reason I felt reason to continue with this life
That died with the knife reality stabbed through my mind.
I wanted more, I needed more, but now I'm frozen to the core
I feel so cold, so void and lifeless as I hold onto this life we had before
The life we never had but in my mind
I am alone
I've gone crazy but I just can't seem to stop
Thinking of the way things could have gone
Thinking of the life we would have had
If only you were real and you could hear this song.
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this is an old one of mine, but here goes (sorry for the hackneyed metaphor!!):
"the ocean is mesmerizing
clashing crashing crushing
claps of sea
can crush little old
i find differences between us
very easily: the sea
is power
rushes riptides —( run)
and i am not
(powerful people can hold to current
swim out of riptide)
the ocean is full of life
breathing swimming holding on
and i am not
i cannot hold on much longer
to this
undercurrent dragging me down
i look at my wrists and see waves
red waves surging and crashing
i look at windows and
see a crash and a fall of me
i can not hold on
i can only watch the calm sea
in the morning as
it hides the inner tempest
(help me, please. i’m drowning)"

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