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getting down to "business" mode

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i've noticed that when it comes to work or school or meetings, i tend to get down to business once the desired small talk (from everyone else is done, not me of course). for this and other reasons, people have told me i have really good business sense. i wasn't even aware of this until recently, but i would always feel that people felt things were too stiff/impersonal. anyway, someone recently pointed this out. in a good way as a complement. and i was just wondering if anyone else relates to this?

i appreciate this business mode i go into subconsciously, but i don't want others to feel that the meetings are impersonal. irl, i tend to be very private, reserved and i feel that the business mode can come off as very impersonal and very executive. oh , and for this reason i've been typed as ENTJ/ESTJ by people who have only seen this side of me. lol
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From what I've been reading in this forum, this seems to be INFJ behavior - too many people, let's get the business done and over with so I can get out of here. My feelings exactly! (INFJ business woman)
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i'm not so much of a leader in this case
i tend to just notice when something is wasting time or not living up to its potential/inefficient
i had a boss like that.. i didn't want to impose though, or worse make someone feel like they're stupid o_o

as for my own life, i can often get lost in my own thoughts
i often 'sleep on' things. i find when i wake up i have a new perspective...
Well, we see what needs to be done, and we are efficient at it. When I had to hire an attorney to revamp child support & custody I had everything set for her. She said I should have went to Law School. I think INFJ's are the type to say, "When something needs to be done right - do it yourself."
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Yeah I definitely have this side of me. I feel really underdeveloped though as an INFJ. My Ni just controls everything, often preventing me from "getting down to business" in a productive manner.
i don't like doing this.
I just hate the bullshit that comes with faux business relationships. They don't *really* care about me or how I am, so let's just get straight to the bloody point and get this over with.
Even though I’m seen as a quiet reserved person I give off this level of confidence that usually makes people turn to me when they is something to be done especially in teams. It is not about being impersonal just it is easy for me to see how things have to go and divide things up efficiently and practically.

I wonder if it is INFJ thing or a type of thing. :unsure:
Actually, I usually just let people run their smalltalk course for about 5-15 minutes (depending on group size), then focus on the task at hand. More often than not (I would prefer not) I end up taking the reigns and being the leader for a group of people that just go 'durr um wut'. I have an aversion to group work now.
As INFJs we dislike and or are not good with small talk and for me, it is the need to get things done correctly which shifts me into business mode. Once we grow and become a more developed person and get involved in the business or academic world we began to tap into our shadow ESTP. An INFJ in their shadow is incredibly business like and straight to the point, if they have to beat around the bush they do so with a metal bat not the soft feather that we do when we are not in our shadow ESTP. I have noticed from seeing other INFJs in their shadow and from self reflection after being in that state, we are ruthless and sometimes even incredibly rash when pushed there. The key is getting the benefits of both.

I had a class a few semesters ago and the whole class was based on group work. For the whole semester I was the unoffical leader and the organizer of the group and the main speaker during presentations. I hated the class and the role I had fallen into. At the beginning of the semester I disdained that class so much because of the dynamic of me being the leader. However because of my INFJ-ness and wanting to see things done correctly I had no choice. It was a huge growing experience for me. Really pushed me out of my comfort zone.
You put this so well. I'm INFJ with a bit of bashfulness, but I can organize anything. I like to get right down to it and get it done, and actually enjoy doing it. I LOVE telling people what to do!! I run the business end of an engineering consultant biz (love my engineers - they're great guys). They're all mavericks, but I'm the queen bee and we all know it (laughing at myself here). Fortunately, I'm all for teamwork rather than 'my way of the highway,' so it runs smoothly. But after being on the "outside" all day, I'm quite happy to go home to my cave so I can turn back to the "inside" - such a relief!
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