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A dear co-worker of mine (Type 3) is getting fired on monday. I know this for a fact, but I'm not allowed to tell him. And I have to respect that other wise I could get fired. He is getting fired because his department of 4 people is closing down, so it has nothing to do with HIS work og how HE is. Just bad luck you could say.

But it is my understanding that 3´s are very much conscious about the image etc.

I wounder how he is going to cope with beeing without job?

Anyone who can tell me what type 3 thinks in a case like this? Feel free to inlighten me with what ever you have :)


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If he's a healthy 3 with other talents and a decent resume, I'm guessing he'll just go out there and find something else. He probably already understands that failure can happen in the real world, and probably won't take it too personally.

If you're in touch with him as a colleague/friend outside of work, I think continued support and affirmation would be appreciated even if it isn't expected. Let him be aware that he wasn't the cause of the department's failure. There is a possibility that that's where his mind might go to: "What if I had done something differently, or better, I could have saved the department and my own job?"

If he can be convinced that this wasn't his failure, but rather something unavoidable out of circumstances: "It is not that he failed, but that the world failed him", he will be able to move on quickly.

I was just discussing this with my SO and interestingly came across it before I saw your thread:

Three at Work
In the Workplace:

  • Assumes own ability. The instant expert.
  • Confuses real self and work role. "I am what I do."
  • Takes on the image and feelings of a task. Prototype of the profession.
  • The priority is to be efficient and save time, even if this means cutting corners. Takes the shortcut. Does several things at once. "Details later."
  • Will stay on an expansionist track until the task is opposed, then parlay options for the biggest possible win.
  • Feels rage when tasks and goals are interrupted. Anger is usually task specific.
  • Values product over process. "How much did I produce?"
  • Being respected for ability as a worker is more important than being liked.
  • Machinelike achiever. Expects others to work in the same way.
  • Projects a high-profile image -- credentials, social standing, "who's who."
  • Exerts power over people; competes for leadership roles.
  • Wants a clear path to success. Shoots for defined goals. Wants reward for effort. Intolerant of ambiguous returns.
  • Pays selective attention to positive feedback. Image has to be maintained. Intolerant of criticism. Places responsibility elsewhere if failure occurs.
  • Avoids failure. Switches tracks. Finds a presentation that works.
  • Has difficulty telling the difference between being admired as a leader and being liked for himself or herself.
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