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getting motivation to draw and over coming artist block

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I haven't drawn anything except for my drawing class for the past couple of weeks or even months now. Every time I sit down to try to get myself to draw I usually end up distracting myself with something else or just sit there looking at the blank page. I want to improve my drawing skills and I seem to have hit a wall or in a funk.

Any ideas and advice?
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This is true. A blank page is intimidating for me too. That's why I am more likely to feel motivated to start a drawing after scribbling on the page randomly. Even a very small scribble in the middle of the page can be enough to ease the tension. This can be done somewhat lightly unless you plan to use the scribble as the seed for your image, as I tend to do. I have found that it is easier to alter something that is already there than to make something from nothing.

If you have a plan for your art, you can make your scribbles more specific, creating relevant shapes where the image should be placed. Perhaps you can use a rough oval to indicate a head, or a few lines to show where the figure's arms might be. Once you have some markings, you can erase the parts you don't want to keep, and move them where you actually want them, refining the image as you go. This process becomes more of a game, and it is very relaxed. There is no pressure to get anything right the first time, so it tends not to feel so chore-like.
In my own experience, especially when I was a beginner, I felt intimidated by blank pages! I felt as though I would sully the paper with very ugly drawings and sometimes I did! But it's just better to work through that fear and accept that not everything you do is going to be great or meant to be shared. At the same time try to do some life drawing if you don't already!
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