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getting motivation to draw and over coming artist block

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I haven't drawn anything except for my drawing class for the past couple of weeks or even months now. Every time I sit down to try to get myself to draw I usually end up distracting myself with something else or just sit there looking at the blank page. I want to improve my drawing skills and I seem to have hit a wall or in a funk.

Any ideas and advice?
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This is what I'm doing with one piece. Take a marker and put it on the paper. Make something, and as you are drawing, don't be conscious of what you are doing. draw circles, squares, what have you, just don't say "I am going to draw a car or a house." See where it takes you. It's sort of a Jackson Pollock method, you're consumed in the drawing, and yet you're open to exploring of what it will be. There's no wrong way, everyone's style is unique to them. Good Luck and have fun.
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