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I'm wondering if you have society anxiety...Sorry to be blunt. Because I used to have mild society anxiety which gives me many negative thoughts. I too live in UK and I realised people beside me are pretty negative. Sort of take away the little hope that I've left. Frankly, because I'm an INFP, staying alone pretty much recharges me to cope with the challenges ahead.

My best cure is to watch movies that touches my heart and have deep meanings which make me reflect myself. Don't know if you like anime or not, I recently watched an anime called 'Whisper of the Heart' by Hayao Miyazaki. An inspiring movie which might provide you some insights of being oneself. Best to watch alone at night, with least disturbance, that's what I did. Don't think they are childish. I love all his movies actually and I hope every one can like them too.

My thoughts are not to rely on the pills. Do you have a few days to regulate your life a little bit. Go jogging in a beautiful sunny day might help, though I know it's pretty rainy for these two weeks. Listen to some music. My favourite band is Muse. Their music usually makes me feel better for some reason.

For the financial matters,....anyone you think might help? Or else is it possible to find a temporary part-time job to save some money first? I can't think of any other better plans...

I really hope I can help you. Wish you best of luck :D
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