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My name is Ryan. I am 24 years old. I'm here to basically learn more about being an INFJ. I was always ashamed growing up for being "different" and could never really pinpoint why. Lately I've sort of had some "discovery of self" moments and now realize that I've felt like a fake person all my life since I was masking my true identity with a more expressive personality type. Now I FINALLY feel comfortable in my own skin knowing that I'm not the only INFJ out there!

My sn is Gyant because well... I'm 6'8" and 300lbs and very athletic. (Muay Thai) I am still meandering through my education trying to figure out what I want. My job is pretty cool since I get to help people a lot with computers. Basically, I run a sales and support department for a server manufacturer.

Anyway, I hope I can learn from you guys and hopefully educate myself on other personality types as well!

Thanks for reading :)
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