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Please read all this.
Flickr: Discussing Issues on Deviant Art in Pimp My Gun

I'm not sure if you are acquainted with Pimp My Gun (Pimp My Gun (beta)) yet, so you should do that too.

The argument is about whether PMG is a "generator" (I.E. a program used to make things, like a dress up game and the like). Its almost broken down to an argument of opinions, so I need you guys to give input on the argument. Please do this ASAP, I need unbiased opinions on the subject so the DA admins can decide whether or not it is a generator.

This is some of the best weapons ever created using this program...
Flickr: Discussing Wall of Excellence - the best of Flickr PMG in Pimp My Gun
...therefore showing it is an art form.

By the way, my name on there is PäraWeapons.
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