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As a 3, what are (or have been) your goals?
What kind of success do you aspire towards, and how would you substantiate it?

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Hey Niece!

Good question, hmm. I feel like I have accomplished most of my goals at this point.

- Playing a vital part in a ore-discovery. as a "geologist". (quotation marks, because I have no formal degree)
- Owning a forged spear. An elderly family member promised me to forge one, but never got to it. So I made one myself.
- Participating in some product-development projects
- Having a creative career (or rather, I tried it on for fits, lapidary artist - fun hobby. Not so fun job.)
- Tried a self-sufficient lifestyle (e.g. grew my own food, etc)

At this point I am only looking to "settle down", feel content and find a different job where working weekends is the exception, not rule.
May or may not include an SO, house, etc. I'd feel quite happy living a somewhat unusual lifestyle close to nature.
And allow myself to follow any whims, perhaps.

As for my achievements. I am a bit of a showoff sometimes, but in general I don't bother too much.
As long as I am happy with it, with some fond memories of the accomplishment. I'm happy with the feeling of "I overcame xxxx struggles".
Besides, being a handyman and practical often leaves "physical products" to show off anyway.

You never answered your own question. :skeleton:
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