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I have 6 Bucket List goals at any time. I don't add anything new until one of the items is crossed off so there's never more than 6.

By next year:
See Florence and the Machine in concert - in 10 days and counting
Pay off credit card for the 3rd time and keep it paid - next month or so
Write my book - 1st draft probably won't be done until early next year
Buy a Nikon D7000 - June or July of this year

I'll replace those with something else as soon as they're done. I'm not sure what I'll replace Flo + the Machine with since I've been waiting for her to tour the US since her album Lungs came out 3 years ago. It usually takes me a week to figure out what the next goal I'll add to the 6.

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In the next three to four months short term goals:
1) Get a loan or work study or some means to pay for Lewis and Clark on my own.
2) Get all As this term.
3) Do not skip any classes.
4) Exercise more. Start running again.
5) Work on flexibility.
6) Drink more water, less coffee.
7) Keep on top of things.
8) Keep my room clean.
9) Call the clinic for my acne medication.
10) Do everyone's art for them... soon...
11) Start posting helpful or welcomed posts in non-infp forums.

longer short-term
1) Become bi-lingual (Spanish)
2) Go abroad and study Spanish
3) Major in Spanish and either Psychology or Environmental Science... or major in spanish and one and minor in the other. I will have my Spanish minor by the end of this year so it won't be too bad.
4) Join the Peace Corps
5) Become a super buff chick in a good way... just fit all over!
6) Be nicer and happier to people
7) Allow myself to have control and worry less about other people
8) Get a summer job... to pay for college..... please god...
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