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God for INTP's

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Hello lovely people,

Does anyone on this forum believe in God? I am curious.

I'll start. I found God very recently and this is very new to me. I have never met Him, or "found" Him before in my life, and I did a few days ago in a moment of temporary internal chaos. Our family has a Catholic background, but we have not been going to church for the past six years and I was almost considering myself to be an atheist. But for some reason, I feel like He was in me and with me my whole life. I am so grateful that I've finally found Him. My God is all-loving, comforting, and knows everything about me. He calms me down when I'm being carried away by dark assumptions or misleading thoughts, and He always has His arm around me. Although this is very personal, I want to share it here...

I wasn't sure how to call Him when I first knew about Him--I thought it was just "my Superior Self" or even my wise intuition, but after some time seeing Him, hearing Him, and getting to know Him, I know that I am always with God. And I love Him very much.

Does anyone else have a God? And is this common for an INTP to experience?
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Born into a roman catholic family. Never took catholicism class seriously and declared myself an atheist to my parents in my early teens. My father followed suit soon after. My mother is still very spiritual but has also abandoned catholicism.

I recently took an interest in pantheism but that didn't last very long. I told a friend about it and he asked me "why?". Why call the universe god? I pondered the question for a while and couldn't find a truly good reason. It seems to me that atheism is the only honest stance to take.
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As an INTP, I think holding a strong religious beliefs would cause enormous cognitive dissonance. I don't know how you guys do it.
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