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Goethe's ''Faust''

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Hello to all my fellow people!

SPOILER ALERT before anything else!!! If you haven't read ''Faust'' and are hoping to read it some day, then I advise you to stop right here, because of the crucial plot points that have to be discussed and those discussions may ruin your read :).

I was made to read Goethe's ''Faust'' by my school and I started thinking - what personality type does Faust himself have? I looked it up and found no such threads. Or perhaps I didn't look hard enough... Anyway, from what I can see, he is certainly very concerned about finding the absolute truth about himself and the world. Could this be a sign of introverted intuition? I don't think he is an Si user, because of his lack of interest in traditions - e.g. he did not marry Gretchen. He could very well be an Se user, seeing as he is incredibly interested in the world and wants to discover all that can be discovered. He is probably a Ti user as well.

What do you think?
Sending you all my love!
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