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I went to a cafe with a guy from tinder - I like him a lot. Afterwards he sent me a text saying he wanted to meet me again, if I wanted to as well. Naturally I said yes, and he eventually suggested going out for drinks.

Now, I've never really been on dates before, due mainly to the fact that I was quite late with coming out. I've only been seeing guys in what were essentially fuck buddy relationships in the past. I'm so used to just going for the physical bit first that I don't know how to behave with someone I like outside of bed. It's not even that I want sex necessarily (in fact I think it would be nice to wait to get to know him first) but I just like being able to touch them and cuddle with them. I find it impossible to build any kind of romantic feeling without that.

And so now I feel like I need to take part in this horrible ritual of dating. I'm quite shy and it's so much easier for me to touch people than it is to talk to them haha. On top of that, I've never 'gone out for drinks' with someone before. I've gone to the pub with friends a few times but 'going out for drinks' seems so classy.

Advice would be appreciated because I really like this guy!
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